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VR paint
Ponch Wrote:I didn't paint it... Slim Gravy (Gravy Graffix) did... I put up a pic on the page before this... idk

Ok, so you think I copy that paint... What can I say?:confused:
Usually my friends choose the color's, and I try to choose the graffic's.
But don't worry about the paint because this is a Portuguese amateur rider, and the most part of the time this paint its to stay home:mad:, no competicion...

But thanks to see my paint.
Vasco Reis
I'm not trying to like pick a fight or anything... Just wondered who the body was for is all... Sorry
Tekno EB48.4 HobbyWing XR8 Sanwa M12
[Image: dscf1544.jpg]

[Image: dscf1547.jpg]

[Image: dscf1546.jpg]
Vasco Reis
[Image: dscf1588.jpg]

[Image: dscf1580t.jpg]

[Image: dscf1584y.jpg]

[Image: dscf1582u.jpg]
Vasco Reis
[Image: dscf1592d.jpg]

[Image: dscf1600c.jpg]
Vasco Reis
[Image: x2vascaro.jpg]

[Image: x2vascaro1.jpg]

[Image: x2vascaro2t.jpg]

[Image: x2vascaro3.jpg]
Vasco Reis
#32 paint
Mugen MBX5T
Futaba 3PM
Hitec 5955, 5965
Thanks TEX :drool:

This one he choose one color...
but i cant use just one color Angel
[Image: dscf1627.jpg]

[Image: dscf1619m.jpg]

[Image: dscf1620.jpg]
Vasco Reis
Sometimes less is more.

Looks great!
got paint?
Colors by Dave - CBD
1-29-07 ... you know.
ESky Belt CPX 6Ch is common actually to most cheap helis AND the more expensive ones).
Anyhow, I want to invest into a good RTF heli/tx combo. budget is up to 300 $S, (not inclusive of repairs, that's on separate budget) and thought about Walkera master CP. Now i know CP is not for beginners, yet my practice I can do with the toy heli (mostly nose in flight). I read its a good heli to start as its plastic, durable (in comparison to non plastic), cheap to repair, and available here in singapore.

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