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Man rapes dying stepdaughter, gets 9 years-WTF!
Quote:Man raped his dying stepdaughter

A man who raped his unconscious teenage stepdaughter as she lay dying from a head injury has been jailed for nine years at the High Court in Glasgow. Sentencing Judge Lord Philip told George McKee, 50, he had committed an "appalling crime" which filled members of the public with "horror".

McKee admitted raping Kerry Muchan, 14, in her Paisley home on 23 July, 2005 while she was unconscious.

Kerry died soon after the rape from a head injury caused by a fall.

Lord Philip said: "Any sentence I impose has to reflect the revulsion and horror society feels at this kind of behaviour."

Kerry was drunk and had fallen several times before she was raped.

Lord Philip said: "Instead of looking after her and being concerned for her condition and seeking medical help, you took advantage of her complete helplessness and raped her when she was in a state of complete unconsciousness."

In addition to the nine-year sentence, McKee will be monitored for three years after release.

Stair fall

He pleaded guilty to raping Kerry at her home in Dalskieth Avenue, Paisley.

The court heard Kerry had fallen ill after taking a cocktail of alcohol and drugs.

Her death less than two and a half hours after being raped was caused by head injuries sustained during falls.

These included a fall down stairs after which McKee took her to his bed and raped her.

He was found in bed with his stepdaughter by a relative.

Still alive

When paramedics arrived, they found a faint pulse.

However, she died later in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

A postmortem examination revealed she was still alive when her stepfather raped her.

It found she had horrific injuries consistent with being raped with considerable force.

The court was told McKee and Kerry's mother Lorna Muchan had lived as man and wife and he treated the girl as his own.
1. girl(14) ingests "a cocktail of alcohol and drugs"
2. falls down stairs fataly hits head
3. step father(50) takes her to his bed
4. stepfater rapes her
5. relative walks in calls ambulance
6. girl dies
7. man gets only 9 years

that guy deserves to at least get stuck in with the other inmates for life with them notified of what he did
Normally, I am against the death penalty. But in this case I will make an exception. This guy should get no less than life imprisonment, but preferably the death penalty if they have one.
i hope one of the inmates takes advantage of him...
The worst dirtbiker is always one step ahead of even the best quad rider....

Tex Wrote:WTF, racing ranger 2?????? and racing ranger 1???? #2 needs his ass kicked for taking someone elses name.
This guy should'nt make it out of jail.
he shouldn't make it into jail....
got paint?
Colors by Dave - CBD
1-29-07 ... you know.
Thay should get Medevil on his A$$!!
they say sex offends dont live long in jail...expecilly when they raped a little girl..
looking for something new to buy.... like a lst2 or something let me know what u got..................
BottledBeast Wrote:they say sex offends dont live long in jail...expecilly when they raped a little girl..

He will only last the first few days in jail!!! If the gaurds don't kill him the inmates will!
BottledBeast Wrote:they say sex offends dont live long in jail...expecilly when they raped a little girl..
an unconcious one at that

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