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Back in it - RobH - 04-19-2020

Cool First truck has arrived  Heart

[Image: 93860792_10157900572340901_1737784823553...e=5EC42D15]

[Image: 94186750_10157900572500901_8236018532211...e=5EC18AD5]

[Image: 94259247_10157900572560901_6529132519428...e=5EC1400E]

[Image: 93802318_10157900572540901_4893422154919...e=5EC2FBAE]

RE: Back in it - Mr. Tune - 04-20-2020

Looks nice. Maybe when this whole pandemic stuff is over I'll source out the parts I need to fix my old truggy and get it in running form. It's had a busted control arm for like 2 or 3 years lol.

RE: Back in it - RobH - 04-27-2020

(04-20-2020, 03:13 PM)Mr. Tune Wrote: Looks nice. Maybe when this whole pandemic stuff is over I'll source out the parts I need to fix my old truggy and get it in running form. It's had a busted control arm for like 2 or 3 years lol.

What model truggy is it Huh

Probably is best to wait for the pandemic to end. Gettin stuff is kind of annoying right now. 
The truck I back-ordered for my wife said April 25th when I ordered it, then that was delayed til may 15th last week, then today that was pushed back into June. I think they're just guessing at this point. I canceled that order and found another website that claimed to have one left so I snagged it. Hope they're not lying because its upgrades are already starting to show up  Tongue
[Image: 94889574_10157931785090901_1227413258474...e=5ECA6957]
Would have got an exhaust from them for my Slayer but they're out of the coated versions and don't plan on making them again I guess  Confused Maybe I should get the chrome version for my truck anyways Huh Tongue

Fuel will be here Wednesday but I'm probably going to wait on break-in for her truck to show up so I can do a photoshoot with them together first before they get all scratched up Cool

RE: Back in it - Mr. Tune - 04-27-2020

Mine is a Kyosho ST-R. The original version of it from back in the day. About 4 years ago I did a brushless conversion on it and about 2 years ago my wife crashed it and broker a front lower arm that I didn't have a spare for.

RE: Back in it - RobH - 04-29-2020

With the blue tube center chassis brace? Liked those a lot when they came out.

Was considering the current kyosho RTR truggy but ended up finding too good of a deal on that new Slayer Pro to pass up

And looking back at my Jammin CRT thread made me think 1/8 truggies shouldn't be the first thing I get back into the hobby with  Tongue   Rolleyes

RE: Back in it - RobH - 04-29-2020

Heart Big Grin

[Image: 94947306_10157942535740901_5145888797958...e=5ECEFEEF]

RE: Back in it - RobH - 04-29-2020

[Image: 94784304_10157943963605901_2078802387882...e=5ECF7C01]

[Image: 95061167_10157943963955901_4244497122419...e=5ECEA877]

[Image: 95024747_10157943963975901_3056461000287...e=5ED10629]

[Image: 95160002_10157943963625901_8465359752774...e=5ECF1E5B]

RE: Back in it - RobH - 05-10-2020

Good weekend for the RCs. Slash took some damage. Going out for some parts and fuel now. Already have upgraded shock caps but no fluid.

[Image: 96697588_10157986436410901_7618799291888...e=5EDEFF64]

[Image: 96371399_10157986436500901_5398929609406...e=5EDCB64E]

[Image: 96583473_10157986436715901_8841099722509...e=5EDD2838]

[Image: 96090782_10157986436630901_6398439671088...e=5EDFBB85]

[Image: 96235933_10157986436895901_8077972527516...e=5EDF0F39]

[Image: 96537956_10157986436985901_8750310818316...e=5EDE1EF3]

[Image: 96040309_10157986450435901_8855433282506...e=5EDC2964]

[Image: 96350037_10157986450370901_5672619747439...e=5EDD0500]

All I did was knock my muffler off Tongue My wifes officially hooked which is nice so she can fix her own truck lol

RE: Back in it - RobH - 05-16-2020

Big Grin

[Image: 97335701_10158008827910901_4557216276811...e=5EE53440]

Slash gettin some goodies tomorrow. Metal rear arm mounts haven't showed up yet tho  Dodgy

RE: Back in it - RobH - 06-02-2020