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  [56k bomb] Converting to Brushless. Aka, too lazy for nitro.
Posted by: Thirdgen89GTA - 01-21-2012, 02:08 AM - Forum: Bashers Forum - Replies (5)

Figured I'd post this up here. I fell out of RC a while ago. It was slow, at first a weekend would go by, then 2 weekends between and it just grew. Winter hit, and I never took out the RC's again.

Mostly now its because its simply too much hastle to get all the nitro cars in running shape for a bash session. Fuel is bad, need new fuel. Glow plug is shot, replace glow plug...crap no plugs on hand. Goes on and on.

Well recently I decided to get back into RC and with the way the Brushless/LiPo scene has taken off it was easy to get even more power with less maintenance. I love speed, and Castle had just the thing for me. Its not the fastest thing out there, but its damn fast regardless.

Below is my converted Jammin X1 CRT Pro truggy. Not shown in the old pics is the conversion to using a Castle UBEC and Savox 1268mg servo. It now turns the tires like they are feathers.

I received a few comments when I was doing some research, it seems quite a few people do not like to convert truggies with a motor forward, saddle battery pack configuration. I however love it. I wanted to do it because of how well balanced the electric cars that use this layout are. The truck is nearly perfectly balanced left to right, and is actually nose heavy so the steering is great. I wanted it nose heavy because of the better steering and decreased wheelie action. But on 6S it doesn't matter. Wheelies everywhere no matter what you do.

Nitro Removed
[Image: web.jpg]

Obligatory unboxing picture.
[Image: web.jpg]

Chassis all cleaned but still with old 13mm shocks.
[Image: web.jpg]

Twin 3S 5000mah 40C lipos. $44/ea. Good deal. Not the best in the world but I'm so happy with these. Never get warm and always tons of punch.
[Image: web.jpg]

Mock layout #1 - Still waiting on RCM mount, 16mm big bores, and battery trays.
[Image: web.jpg]

Mock Layout #2
[Image: web.jpg]

16mm big bore vs 13mm old shocks. Old shock looks nasty because the snap ring groove was shot and it wouldn't seal anymore so it leaked bad. Its as much reason for me to swap as simply wanting better shocks to handle the increased weight.
[Image: web.jpg]

RCM Mount and Trays have arrived.
[Image: web.jpg]

RCM Mount installed, motor mounted. ESC tray made out of the Aluminum servo tray that does not fit the CRT. Chassis needs to be clearanced enough so the spur doesn't hit the chassis. Temp spacers installed to raise the Diff up.
[Image: web.jpg]

Final layout, Motor installed, ESC installed. Battery tray's mock fit.
[Image: web.jpg]

Problem #1, not enough room in the chassis to fit the tray and pinion hits the battery tray and rear arm pin.
[Image: web.jpg]
[Image: web.jpg]

Problem #1 solved. Clearance battery tray. But now if the battery shifted forward the pinion could chew it up. Oops.
[Image: web.jpg]

An old plastic arms holder is the solution. Cut to size and screwed into the tray to stop the battery from shifting forward.
[Image: web.jpg]
[Image: web.jpg]

Problem #1 fixed
[Image: web.jpg]

Problem #2 - Spur gear hits chassis because there isn't a relief cut for the spur. Dremel removes the problem.
[Image: web.jpg]
[Image: web.jpg]

Battery mock fit #2. Perfect. Now to drill the chassis and securely mount the trays.
[Image: web.jpg]

Existing holes reused when possible, but new holes and to be drilled and countersunk. This is by hand, I don't have a drill press. Probably why the countersink looks wavy.
[Image: web.jpg]

Battery trays mounted securely. Ended up reusing a single hole on the steering servo side of the truck, but had to drill and countersink 3 new holes in 2.5mm size. Motor side of the truck I drilled 1 new hole and reused the engine mount screws and one of the Z-brace screws.
[Image: web.jpg]

Trays mounted.
[Image: web.jpg]

Sweet. Lookin like an RC again.
[Image: web.jpg]

Man that motor system is low. I actually run the 3S packs now sitting on edge so they care closer to the centerline. Better response on tight tracks. In this pic they are flat.
[Image: web.jpg]

10.22lbs!!! ESC ads 125g to this bringing weight up to 10.5lbs with twin 3S, and just 9.8lbs with twin 2S packs in series.
[Image: web.jpg]

Ready to rock!
[Image: web.jpg]
[Image: web.jpg]

Old Nitro body provides lots of cool air for the ESC.
[Image: web.jpg]


Ready for the first speed run! AWESOME!!!
[Image: web.jpg]

First speed run is a failure after just 1m 11 seconds, and only 194yards. I didn't even get much past 30mph before attempting to give it full throttle. OOPS.
[Image: web.jpg]

First successful speed run undergeared with a 14t pinion. Only 52mph, it can go MUCH faster. Motor was hot to touch, but not too hot to touch. Probably 140-150*. Batteries and ESC were ice cold.
[Image: web.jpg]

Speed rash on the wing from the crazy wheelies this thing does on 6S.
[Image: web.jpg]

First successful track visit. Broke the wing hard car when I overestimated just how FAST it accelerates. Tried to clear the double. Could have cleared the quadruple. Landed and did an endo into a concrete barrier. Oops. Run time on 4S = 21 minutes. Runtime on 3S2P = over 40 minutes.
[Image: web.jpg]

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  just some pics
Posted by: firesprink281 - 01-11-2012, 10:06 AM - Forum: Bashers Forum - Replies (11)

wanted to share some pics and vids since I see some people coming around again.

[Image: 100_2294.jpg]

[Image: 100_2290.jpg]

this is a body I did for the Danny Host fund raiser. Sadly he passed away shortly after I gave it to him.
[Image: 2011-01-12201129.jpg]

[Image: CIMG0307.jpg]

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  just wanted to say....
Posted by: Racin' Ranger1 - 12-29-2011, 10:35 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (2)

I'm TTT that is all

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  Raceworld Raceway
Posted by: firesprink281 - 12-26-2011, 03:44 PM - Forum: Racers Forum - Replies (5)

has anybody headed out there? Nice track and very nice people out there. No one was crabbing about getting bumper into or their truck not getting marshaled fast enough. I highly recommend checking it out!
Raceworld Raceway | Indiana's Premiere Indoor and Outdoor Radio Controlled Racing Facility - Track hours

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  Im backkkkk
Posted by: Michowski - 12-21-2011, 08:00 PM - Forum: Racers Forum - Replies (2)

Hey whats up anyone who stills frequents this forum. Ive been really tossing around the idea of building another rc car and doing some sunday races here and there. Monster truck class still dead? Definatly gonna be a revo 3.3 but of course I will have to completly customize it again. Parts are dirt cheap on ebay and I might take the plunge to do this again for fun.

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  Any bashing going on between now and the 3rd of Jan?
Posted by: olds97_lss - 12-21-2011, 03:01 AM - Forum: Bashers Forum - Replies (4)

Just curious if there are any outings planned in anyones near future where they wouldn't mind a new guy tagging along. Has been forever since I ran trucks with anyone as all my basher friends were hit pretty hard by the economy or having kids... or both.

I basically just have basher rigs. Jato, savage, revo and Baja 5b. All of them to run in grass since I have no dirt anymore to run in here in Dekalb.

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  $60 - Team Associated TC3
Posted by: Thirdgen89GTA - 12-20-2011, 02:17 AM - Forum: Buy / Sell / Trade - Replies (4)

This is my getting out of nitro and consolidating my RC collection sale. Building a uber brushless for my truggy


[Image: web.jpg?ver=13243619910001]
[Image: web.jpg?ver=13243619890001]
[Image: web.jpg?ver=13243619880001]

What it comes with:

  • Novak Explorer II ESC
  • Green Machine Motor
  • Steering servo
  • Venom 3600mah 7.2v battery

What its missing:
  • 1 Rear shock.

I inherited this car from my Uncle when he passed away. Its a shame to let it sit on a shelf unused. I drove it once or twice when I first got it but haven't used it for about 5-6 years.

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  $40 - Tamiya F201 F1 1/10th scale for sale
Posted by: Thirdgen89GTA - 12-20-2011, 02:10 AM - Forum: Buy / Sell / Trade - Replies (1)

I'm getting out of the nitro business. I simply don't have time to maintain my nitro cars anymore and I also have too many RCs so I've decided to consolidate. I have a few more cars that are being cleaned/reassembled before I'll post them up, but here is the F1.

I'm also doing a major brushless conversion on my Truggy so the cars I haven't used in nearly 6 years, well they aren't of use to me anymore.

$40 - Tamiya F201 4WD 1/10th scale F1 kit.
[Image: web.jpg?ver=13216510250001]
[Image: web.jpg?ver=13243619860001]
[Image: web.jpg?ver=13243619870001]

This is a 1/10th scale F1 replica racer. Unlike the real F1 cars this has a shaft driven AWD system. With a modern brushless system this car could be a beast, just don't hit anything, its made of plastic. But a mild brushless / lipo system could push this car to 30-40mph all day long and still have 30minute runtimes.

Kit originally sold for $180, and it was a proposed Spec class race, but the spec class failed to draw a crowd and I don't have any interested in it any more.


  • Oil Filled shocks
  • Pushrod suspension just like an F1 car.
  • Shaft driven AWD system

Whats included:
  • 1 mounted body. Looks like carbon fiber, but its really just a printed pattern on a clear body. (pictured)
  • 1 Uncut clear plastic body, never mounted, still in factory plastic (not pictured). You can have this painted any way you want. These cars can look extremely realistic if done right.
  • 2 uncut clear nose cones for clear body
  • 1 uncut carbon fiber print nose cone
  • Original Tamiya Stickers never used
  • Original Tamiya RS-540 motor never used
  • Spektrum Z270 Steering servo
  • Original MFG box plus manual and packaging

What is not included:
  • Radio system (will need micro receiver, full size will not fit)
  • ESC
  • Batteries (accepts 7.2v 6-cell stick pack. 8.4v 7-cell packs will not fit, some LiPos will not fit.)
  • Charger
  • Pinion gear for electric motor

MFG product page: Tamiya America Item #58288 | RC Ferrari F2001 - F201
MFG Pics:
[Image: large_3.jpg] [Image: large_5.jpg]
[Image: large_2.jpg]

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  cleaning out onroad and offroad tires, inferno onroad car, savage parts
Posted by: grim digger - 11-30-2011, 04:58 PM - Forum: Buy / Sell / Trade - No Replies


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  FS: Traxxas 1/16 Rally VXL Brushless w/ 2 Batteries
Posted by: kderacing - 11-23-2011, 09:18 AM - Forum: Buy / Sell / Trade - Replies (2)

I'm getting more into the Minis and Micros so my Blue/White Traxxas Rally is up for sale or trade if anyone has dnano, Losi Micros SCT, or MiniZs they want to trade. The care only has about 2-4hrs on it. Body does have some minor scratches on it from brushing items in the garage, but the care itself is in excellent condition. I purchased the second battery pack along with both the series and parrallel battery cables. So you can choose from longer runtime or faster speed. This is a RTR kit so it includes the transmitter/receiver everything. The car is AWD and FAST, and I haven't even hooked the battery up in the mode that gives it more power so the potential of this care is great in terms of speed. If you like drifting you'll love this car.

It's this one here Traxxas - 1/16 Rally VXL (#7307) - Overview | traxxas.com

Asking $225 and they retail for close to $300 without the extra battery and cables.


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