Full Version: Any bashing going on between now and the 3rd of Jan?
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Just curious if there are any outings planned in anyones near future where they wouldn't mind a new guy tagging along. Has been forever since I ran trucks with anyone as all my basher friends were hit pretty hard by the economy or having kids... or both.

I basically just have basher rigs. Jato, savage, revo and Baja 5b. All of them to run in grass since I have no dirt anymore to run in here in Dekalb.
well, with out giving up to much. we are in talks with a track (not in joliet) to have a bash day. they said they will re do the track with big jumps and no lane barriers. I will keep you updated.
Is there a thread to follow?
no. but i will start one when we get some definitive info.
firesprink281 Wrote:no. but i will start one when we get some definitive info.

You have made my day!

Can you PM me so I get an email about it, or post it up on The Chicago Garage because there a about 4-5 guys there who are looking to go somewhere to bash.