Full Version: it is done
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I've been "working" on this one for a while now. it sat all winter, but i decided to finish it last night. its a miss bud with a brushless conversion. rite now i have a novak 5800ss motor with a waterproof lrp ai esc. if everything goes good with testing, i see a mamba7700 or bigger going in. i used a aqua craft motor water cooling jacket to keep the motor cool, and the crowl of the boat has some holes in it to keep the esc cool. the battery thats in there is just for testing. im going to be using a max amps 6500mah 7.4 waterproof bat on the water.

[Image: CIMG0146.jpg]

[Image: CIMG0149.jpg]

[Image: CIMG0148.jpg]
Saaweeet!!! I had one of those miss bud's for a while, but I left it nitro lol.
very very cool.... the stealth miss bud!!!
thanks guys. i cant wait to get this thing in the water. i was looking in my boxes of stuff and found this

[Image: CIMG0152.jpg]

a new aquacraft grim racer turn fin. should help with turning and strait line stability.
here it is compared to the stock one.

[Image: CIMG0153.jpg]
looks darn dangerous. The crappies better stay on the bottom!
lol. funny you should say that. i did behead a fish at my camper with this thing. put a nice crack in the spanner between the pontoons.
That thing is badass....
Did you pick that up from someone on the forums?
the boat? no. i have had it for a while now.