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I was at leisure on sat the 24th. Had my Roller LDT there. Thought wife grabbed it, she thought I grabbed it, but nope I left it there. Called today, and it's not there. If anyone has it, knows who has it or has seen it, please lmk, I'd like it back.This just puts a damper on my week, monday is my wedding anniversary,wensday is my birthday. I was planning on selling it to pay for more parts.
that figures. Hopefully someone honest has it. more than likely not. I can't believe all the scum out there anymore. I used to trade and buy all the time online, anymore it's a joke unless you buy from someone you know or a store.
I agree, I was hoping to sell/trade it there but I guess I'm out of luck. I know it's sorta my fault for not watching it closer, but geez, just to steal it from a fellow racer............. come on. I just want it back, no questions asked.
I don't trust anyone, no matter how nice, people are always trying to get somethin for free or make a buck. Smile
Well not trusting anybody is going overboard we gotta trust each other at the track cause when we go to race and nobody is watching my or our stuff and I almost have a thousand sitting there in electronics batteries charger extra esc's engines all type of stuff. Well I was there also sat the 24th and I wish I would of seen sombody take it cause stelling carries no probation in my book. :mad:
Sorry to hear your loss. I'm always trying to keep my time to a minimum on the track, just because of this possibility. The lack of trust these days has me worried about leaving my stuff behind while I run on the track(s). Many of us have at least $1,000 invested in this hobby and it is a shame that morales and respect for other peoples property has worsened over the years. You really need eyes in the back of your head, or limit the things you bring to the track. Probably will be leaving things locked in the car until needed. Sad to see how times are changing.
That sucks. Sad

If it makes you feel better, I think I left one of my favorite screw drivers there last time I was there.
what I meant is, potentially, anyone will be an opportunist if you leave something there. potentially, not the regulars, like the racers, but some chump from out of town might throw it in his box or somethin
yes tru the regulars are trustworthy well you think spending thousands and then stealing somthing like a couple hundred wouldnt make sense but they did find this guys truck well atleast thats what they said on the LHR fourms they said to call the track well atleast thats one case solved now lets see if we can come together from this experiense and catch sombody dipping his hand in the cookie jar.
yes the truck was found at the track. Nothing was stolen. I have never heard of anything ever being stolen from someone at the track. Sometimes glow ignitors go missing, someone pickup the wrong one by mistake. Other things turn up missing usually because the owner misplaced or forgets it at the track. We've had people leave cars, starter boxes, radios even air compressors at the track.
I found it today when I was cleaning. pick up the chairs and set them on the table and as I was sweeping I saw it up in the table legs.
Hooooray!!!!! Now we can all trust each other again and complaining about how evil a place the world and the track is!

... Im happy your truck was found, but i could not disagree more about the safety of r/c stuff at the track. Ive forgot my M11 outside at dirtburners in STL and it was found unharmed and A-ok, also at LHR during rcpro series events we would all leave our stuff set up and out overnight just to retain our pit spots.
they is bad everywhere but keeping things locked in your car and limiting track time just to hurry back to watch your stuff seems super paranoid to me.
I held hope that It was just missed sunday during the search. I was hoping that it wasn't stolen. Everyone that I have met at the track has been friendly and helpful. It's just when I was told sunday morning it was not there I figured it was gone for good. Thanks to Bernie for saving it for me. If I offended anyone I am truly sorry.
Hey Rocco79:
My reply was taken the wrong way. When I come out (not to often), I bring 1 buggy, 1 car and 1 motorcycle. It takes up some room and generally run outside for a long period. Practice days are the only time I'm there and usually there are only a few regulars. Only have high praise for LeisureHoursRaceway--heck I drive 170 miles round trip to be there. Putting things in the car for use at the times I need it (running the bike) as apposed to running the buggy, etc. No negatives towards to LHR were ment in any way. BTW will be out there Saturday running my little 1/16 nitro buggy for practice. Need to run in a new motor and there is too much snow outside.
Its cool man, im sure my response could be taken the wrong way too
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Nice One Bernie!