Full Version: 2wd motor at LH
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Hi, I am looking to buy a brushless motor for 1/10 2wd. I know what the old motors were like, but for brushless, and for a track the size of LH, what is the most tame motor that would still be competitive enough on the LH layouts? 8.5? Etc?
For mod the 8.5 works great, or if you would like a little more then get a 7.5. A 6.5 might be pushing for the most part. Or you could get a 10.5 and gear it to the moon, and still be fine.

I used a 8.5 when I was there, and it was great in the infeild, but I would have liked a little more on the long stright.
ya I have a 3.5r velociti novak if you want some crazy speed but just dont gear it to high and you might have to tune it down on your controller. but it'll work fine if you dont go all crazy with it.
bob. i know chad due likes the 8.5. im still running the old 12 turn brushed.
Chris, thanks. I remember how all the ole brushed motors felt, but I haven't gone out and tried each brushless. What would be a good number motor for outdoor, loose step-pin tracks in high summer heat?