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any one seen one of these?

1:10 4WD ESC EP Speedy Weight Grade Electric Truggy R/C - eBay (item 190266039392 end time Nov-15-08 16:22:28 PST)

any in the states company that makes parts that will fit on it?
saw them at I-hobby... looked like cheap duratrax to me could be wrong...

Cheap Duratrax, that should say it right there

Shop around a little, redcatracing has similar stuff and carry a full line of repair parts.
I learned to stay away from cheap r/cs long ago. I used to think they were all the same until I got a good bargin on a MRC Q-tee coupe at the local hobby shop. I drove it about a week all the screws that were used to put it together must have been made from diecast because they all broke or stripped. The belts were constantly slipping under like any throttle. Then the both rear outdrive went and snapped. I couldn't find any replacement parts at all and it ended up in a pile of parts. Parts support is a huge huge thing.
yeah I want sure if they went under a diff name any where
i also think you should stay away from cheap products because they are not trust able. they just change their name of a product and convert it in a new product and launch it.
Hmmm...old post.

Lockable at this point so it doesn't resurrect itself again.

Adam, welcome. However watch the thread dates so you don't revive necrotic posts.