Full Version: spoiled?
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do you think my kid is spoiled? this is the bed my dad made him.

[Image: Picture619.jpg]

[Image: Picture621.jpg]

made out of 3/4" and 1/2" Burch plywood.
Holy shit! What I woulda given for a bed like that when I was younger! ....Hell, what I'd give for a bed like that today Big Grin

Chicks love racecar beds LOL Wink
man i wish i had a racecar shaped bed lucky bastard
thats cool. Your dad is a good craftsman!
Looks tough to get into.

Well at least he won't fall out of bed much.

I wish I had a bed like that when I was a kid.
his first plan was to use my bros and mine old bunk beds to make a monster truck bed, but he was worried about Dylan falling out.
in and out is easy, he climbs rite up the toy box in front.
Thats gotta be cool as hell for a kid!

Reminds me of the movie 'Grandmas Boy'

" My room mates said for christmas they might get me rims for my car bed... Or a c.b, so i can talk to other car beds".
What rims are those? I might have to get me some of those...
Hehe...I had a car bed when I was little too. but that was about 16 years ago. Smile
Spoiled? No

Lucky as hell? Yeah. Looks WAY better then those style beds you buy in the store.
X2 that's pretty slick, even has it's own night lights!