Full Version: 19 turn truck?
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Hey, Just picked up a used T4 and I'm thinking about racing 19turn truck this winter. What are the rules for this class? I'm assuming 2 cell lipo is ok, but what brushless motor is ok for this class? 13.5? or 10.5? Ive got a esc, just need to pick up a motor.

What tires work best? Ive got m3 holeshots and edges, how would that work out there? Anyone got a starting setup. I'm gonna do a rebuild on it next week to get it ready and would like to be able to start semi close to a good setup.

Anything else that I need to know?

Thanks for any help.
13.5 will be the 19t class this year after this weekend. Pink tapper pins work the best front and rear. I havn't raced truck in years so I don't know the setup but there is some setups on the Leisure forum.
Thanks Bernie. I just checked out the LH forum and found a ton of setup info.

One question though.. Are you guys getting a good turn out for 19turn still since the brushless spec changed from 10.5 to 13.5 or is everyone running mod class now with the 10.5 motors? The only thing I need to buy is the motor at this point so I can go either way, just want to follow the crowd.
alot of them said they were just going to run mod truck i think you should too
That sounds like fun! And a bit cheaper too I bet than 1/8th.
What gearing do i need for a Novak 13.5ss setup in my T4? I thought i read somewhere that Lyday had 27 - 78. Does that sound right? Jaydawg or anyone?
Rob Mike has a 26/81
thanks Bernie