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Latest race news from ROAR:

The Executive Committee would like to start by thanking all the affiliate tracks that submitted a bid for a 2009 ROAR National Championship event.

With the many excellent bids received this year from some of the best facilities in the country it has been a challenging series of deliberations and decisions for the Executive Committee.

We would also like to thank the the ROAR Nationals Class Committees for their dedication and efforts in these deliberations.

The Executive Committee would like to congratulate the following facilities as host of a 2009 ROAR National Championship:

Electric On Road Carpet Nationals have been awarded to The Gate of Maple Heights, Ohio to be hosted March 19th - 22nd, 2009

Electric Off Road Nationals have been awarded to Hobby Town USA Hobby Plex of Omaha, Nebraska to be hosted June 18th - 21st, 2009

Fuel Off Road Nationals have been awarded to Leisure Hours Raceway of Joilet, Illinois to be hosted July 16th - 19th, 2009

Fuel On Road 1/8th Nationals have been awarded to One-Eight Racers of Toledo, Ohio to be hosted Sept 10th - 13th, 2009

Electric On Road Paved Nationals have been awarded to The Coliseum at Hobby Town USA, Fredrick, Maryland to be hosted Sept. 24th - 27th

Fuel On Road 1/10th Nationals have been awarded to MRO (Midwest Racers Organization) of Lincoln, Nebraska to be hosted May 7th - 10th, 2009.

Coming to a track near you in 2009. First race up in 175 days and counting!!!!

Special note: Off road event dates are tentative and subject to change pending the announcement of the IFMAR Off Road Electric World Championships event dates for next summer.
Good for leisure hours.
Start working the track now! HAHA...
yep, get the grass growing.
Screw the grass. Remove the hill and replace everything with good clay without the rocks haha.

Sorry Bernie but that stuff needs to be put thru a screen or something.

No pressure tho! HAHA..But I am ready and willing to help with anything if you need a hand.
lose the hill already
I think its easier to see everything with the track at a slant towards the drivers stand, don't much care for wearing out tires so I'll stick to indoors. but i'll probably come out to meet big drivers lol (If there is any?)
well since all the guys that ran last years nats have dibs on a spot, and they are doing buggy and truggy combined with a 250 entry max that leaves prolly about 40 spots for others. Dont expect to see many locals there.....
I plan to try anyway....I dont see how they can leave the max at 250 when both classes running. Plus I doubt EVERYONE that ran last year will run this year. Different area and plus many dont run now or atleast travel due to gas prices and so on.

That is a kick in the nuts if a race like this comes to our home track and only a handful of our guys are able to run. Might as well just close the track down and make it a invite only race.
Good Job Leisure Hours on getting the 2009 1/8 off-road Nats!
Actually its first come first serve for the sign up. This was confirmed by ROAR too. So keep your eyes open!!
That's gunna fill up quick with the amount of guys that will race it from the midwest alone.
Still....250...50 more then a normal Midwest RC Pro race.
50 more slots but a country full of racers wanting in.
which is why they need to raise the limit
with it combined, truggy/buggy, I would think the entry list would go to 400+
cant have an 8 day race though
Well its the 16-19...So 4 days. So the running order would be what? Do those dates include practice days?

I agree with Tex. The limit should be raised close to 400. Now I have yet to see anything posted on the ROAR site about any changes so if someone can point them out. Great...But if there isnt anything posted...then who really knows what the cap will be set at. But I dont see ROAR making a mistake and capping this race at 250.

Like I said before. A major race like this in our own backyard and 99% of our own people cant get in would be a big joke.
Why would ya wanna race at this event? To donate too roar? Id rather just watch the mains. This event wont be like tryin to keep sonny from lapping you twice in the ''A'' or ''B''... It would be like keep sonny from lappin you twice in the ''X'' Main
Yes I know this Roc....Doesnt bother me honestly...
I wanna go for sure, but for the most part roar is a joke; after going to the nats in st louis 2 yrs ago. Its just like an RC fag club with alot of rules that dont do shit, seemed like the officials at that race had their heads burried deep in their asses
And your shocked because why???
LOL i didnt say i was shocked
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