Full Version: Hi!! from Portugal... vascaro
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Hello !
I'm Vasco from Portugal and im new in RC.
I start to paint a few bodys for my friends and now i'm addicted to RC paint's and RC 1\8 TT.
Im a amateur painter but i really like and have a lot of fun to paint bodys.
I found chitownrc because i like too much the Czech-it-out work...

I buy a old and tyred Hyper 7 PBS Hyper21 motor just to start, and i have a lot of fun whit him.
Maybe later i buy something more PRO, and who knows im go to competition just for fun. But this is for later... no money no funBig Grin
Best regards
I used to have a thread here until rocco got rid of it

Good to see the reach of the internet from Chicago to Portugal.