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hi im new here and just wanted to stop by and say hello. im not new to rc i got into it like 6 years back. i had a rc car back then but the thing that really caught my eye are the rc motorcycles. i was wondering is there a shop still in the city or by the city (chicago that is) that has them or a website that i can buy them from. thanks in advance hope to join u guys soon at the track.
The best place to find bikes is: "". Bruce runs the site and is committed to these things. His wife recently passed away from cancer and is a little slow filling orders.
You can try for a ThunderTiger 1/5 Scale bike. You can usually pick one up used (electric) on e-bay. Do some searching and you will find used ones. They are a handfull to drive and fully enjoy. LeisureHoursRaceway is the place I run because of the shear size of the track. You need room to run.
If you are into electrics there is a new bike coming out that is 1/8 scale. 2wheelhobbies is taking orders. They should be out in late September. They look really promising. $200 or so.
The really nice nitro bikes can get expensive. $700 for a top notch nitro. Trust me on this one--start off with used if you can. If not, ThunderTiger is the best bike to start out on. Built fairly well and relatively tuff.
PM me back if you would like. Can go into greater detail later.