Full Version: New Blade CX coming out, looks cool
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Horizon Hobby: Article: Preview: E-flite's Micro-CX Helicopter: Jim Booker (E-flite)

a micro blade cx Big Grin it comes in both rtf and a ready to bind model too! the CX's are totally cool, I constantly fly mine Smile
oh yeah, glow in the dark add ons Big Grin
That's cool!Big Grin
I just got a Blade CX in a trade. I cant wait to try it out. It needs a new set of blades though Sad

This thing is tiny compared to the CX and CX2 though! Holy cow!
the CX's are absolutely cool man... you can use them to learn orientation for the bigger heli's, just too good of a learning tool..

mine looks like a little t-rex, I'll try to post pics... Big Grin