Full Version: Flying in Fox Valley - events schedule
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Some neat things going on this summer at Fox Valley Aero in St Chas, IL.

June 7th, 2008
"Kid's Day Event - Sponsored by Hobby Town"

June 20th & 21st, 2008
"Al's Hobby Helicopter Event"
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August 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2008
"Festival of Giants Returns"
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August 9th & 10th, 2008
"IMAC Event"
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August 15th, 16th & 17th, 2008
"Windy City Jets Event"
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September 6th & 7th, 2008
FVAC Annual Pattern Contest

Festival of Giants and Windy City Jets are two events that should be seen at least once before you die. Very impressive shtuff.

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I am going to the kid's fly on June 7.

It was your post about attending that day that prompted me to list the events Fox Valley hosts. I've been to some of their dates and the aircraft stuff is a very cool part of RC world. Too tempting for me, though!

The Naperville flying field is 5 mins from my house and those guys are always offering to let me try one of their trainers on a buddy box, but I know if I did that I would be sucked in like a junkie to a crack pipe (sorry for the drug references). I met a guy there who went from "give it a try" to owning 17 airplanes and having a second 2 car garage to keep it all in!

I still think Windy City Jets is the coolest thing I've seen even if they can only fly 200mph at Fox.

There is also a real airplane fly-in event at Clow Airport in Bolingbrook this weekend, again, near my house. We will prolly go watch some of the planes arriving tomorrow ay 8:00am.

do you know if AMA cards are required for the heli fly up at Als? Are you going up there?

how's your heli flying going man?

ha! my Dad gave airplanes a try, he now has 8 of them in the garage (some are beautiful), all but one has been never flown... turns out he sucks at them... at least he's smart enough to realize it I guess...
Just fixed the broken Night Ranger again....charging the batts now.

I still need to get a sim for the PC to train on.

Don't know about Al's and AMA licenses. sorry.
if you need help on the setup or anything, give me a yell dude... I've crashed/rebuilt enough that it all makes sense now... Big Grin do you have a pitch gage? let me know, I have a spare that I'll give you.. may have some other stuff I can throw your way if I think about it a bit..

sims are great... the greatest improvement in my flying was Realflight 3.5... it not only tamed me in real life, but it lets me try the stupid stuff (tic tocs, inverted, etc) and get good at it before I go out and crash for real.. I am a huge fan of the sim, I can fly anytime I want..

setup will make or break you man.. check out for some videos maybe? for setup, not sure what they have for the Night Ranger...

now that I think about it, download realflight 4.0 demo man... it'll give you something to work with.

The NR2 that I have is not a CP, it has fixed blades.

I'll look into that 4.0 demo!