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Noticed a large number of new Rookies have been coming out to race for gas and elec. days. I have a nephew that wants to try out his losi elec truck this sat so i'm planning on bringin the little dude to race rookie and i think i may race 19 turn if i can repair his truck between heats in time. Maybe he can try nitro rookie this sunday also.

Hope to see another good rookie turnout this weekend so little man Gino can make his uncle proude. Hope to see all 3 brothers of Team KubatRC Hobbies there as well.
rookie class suits me! soon, I promise, but it will be nitro, not elec.
Does anyone know more about the Rookie class fro Nitro at LHR?

Do all nitro vehicles (GT, buggy, trug, etc) get lumped into one group and raced?

Just curious how that works.....thanks
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:Does anyone know more about the Rookie class fro Nitro at LHR?

Do all nitro vehicles (GT, buggy, trug, etc) get lumped into one group and raced?

Just curious how that works.....thanks

I was wondering about racing my S-MAXX, but need some practice do they have open track times on the weekends.
Since i live in St.Charles Joilet is a bit of a drive.
All vehicles together in one class.
and I understand that some seasoned racers run rookie class with rtr's??? true or false?
J-Dub Wrote:All vehicles together in one class.

What has the mix been as far as how many driving what types of trucks?
Dave it is different each week. sometimes we get 8 or 9 rookie and sometime only 2 or 3. It's half an half for buggy or m/t. As for seasoned racers in rookie. A few times when we get only get two rookie we put them in M/T so we can make a heat.
Cool beans Bernie! Thanks for the details. Great idea for racing, btw!
I might make it up this weekend, if I do I'll probably be bringing my daughter as she has been bugging me to race.
I was going to let her run her gt2 but since it is a mixed class I will "share" my buggy with her since I need a few things for her K car yet.

Hey guys and or girls?
My little buggy arrives Tuesday and hope to get some break-in time soon. Never raced on the dirt and haven't a clue on classes and or "rookie" class.
Would like to enter a race, even though the 1/16 scaler is puny and would get pounded by larger buggies, truggys. Last place is fine for me, just want to get some track time and experience.

Hey Bernie--it is me--the nitro bike guy. I'm adding to my collection of Nitro oddities. Now I can play on the asphalt or dirt. Is it all possible to enter races with this little buggy, or strictly practice times only?

Definately see you on Sunday, April 13th for opening day for the On-Road. The Inferno GT is ready and I picked up a "Aston Martin" body. Hard to pick from. The bike needs some tuning. The motor may be shot.

Would like peoples responses to these 1/16 buggies. Negative or positive. Be nice, as my mother always would say.
Big Grin
your best bet for not getting pummeled or broke would be the 1/10 gas truck class.
I'll talk with Bernie and try and work out a class to fit in. I'm not worried about being hit/run over. Just don't want to be a burden or a distraction to the regulars that run for real. My intentions are to have a good time and enjoy the track. I'll do my best to fit in wherever they tell me to. No hard feelings.
yeah I've seen some bad stuff 10lb Truggys do to cars, even an 8th Scale buggy. Run in the GT Class. if you can
Ran my 1/12 mini truggy with mt's a few weeks ago and did ok. Its pretty quick and handles good so i can stay ahead of the pack. 1/16 scale would be more diffacult but i dont think anyone would mind racing with ya.
I bet if I nabbed a 1/18th scale MT i could keep up indoors with the other MT's Smile. Brushless of course.
Thanks for the feedback regarding the 1/16 scaler. It will arrive Tuesday. The buggy is a filler for me. My love is On-Road with my bike and Inferno GT. In time, playing in the dirt may grow on me?
It might consume you. Smile
Was out at LeisureHoursRaceway on April 13th. Had the little 1/16 Kyosho Mini Inferno 09. Ran 2 qualifiers before I got crushed by a 1/8 Scale truggy. Broke my rear knuckle? and lost a dogbone.
The thing look pathetic limping back to the pits. I wish I could made a better showing. Still running it in and the little bugger dies when it flips over. Had to roll over the jumps and that caused me to be punted on many occasions.
All in all it was fun. Probably won't be back on Sundays because the---ON-ROAD TRACKS OPENS SUNDAY APRIL 20TH. The weather is looking promising.
Told you those little things get Mashed by 8th Scales.
Props to you. Smile I'm loving my little 1/16 buggy. It may be small, but it is fun no less. That little Sirio? .09 engine rips for its size. Never imagined liking dirt buggys. May come out to LeisureHours with the little bugger again. Only for practice, and only during a slow period. Hell, that thing is only 10 1/2 inches long and 2 lbs. Someday will probably buy a 1/8 scaler. Yes, you were right.:p:
Don't forget to grab a MOOOOOOGEN when you do though. Tongue
Sure thing J-Dub. Love the sounds of those. Losi-eight is another. Will have to look for a used one, though. I'm having a blast with the Mini Inferno 09.
My Nitro bike had a run-away today. Was still running an AM radio in it because the buggy has the spare Spectrum receiver in it. Anyways, was running in a large parking lot in a park and sure enough, it happened again. Full speed pass with the bike and it never came off of full throttle. 300 feet later and 35+ and at least 10 cartwheels it landed in soft grass. Later found out the crystal had rattled loose and fell out and caused loss of signal while at full throttle. Last time that happened was a battery failure and the bike went 35+ into a curb, dead straight. DOA! Man that bike has a death wish.
If I'm out at the track, I'm usually running On-Road. Bernie knows me as the Nitro Bike guy. I'm usually wearing a Ferrari shirt, hat, running a Kyosho Inferno GT, Ferrari of course. Love Formula 1. Thanks for the replies. Will be back at the track soon.
when is the races for rookies? I may be kinda interested...

also, any way I can run my MT2 in that class? it's 4wd stadium truck, but it's ballistic... and handles good..
Wednesday night there has usually been a rookie class. if i remember right there is one on sundays too depending on turnout.
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