Full Version: Let the crashing begin!!!
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[Image: DSCN5453.jpg]
DUCK AND COVER!!!!!!!!!!!

looks good dave. first helli?
looks good in one piece
Have fun. The parts for those are cheap, but not many places have them
I've had it 18" off the floor for three seconds so far... I need a bigger indoor area, like a gymnasium !!!!
Good luck dave have fun with it, I had one for about 10 min one time until I thought I could fly it and smashed it into our fridge.
hey dave this place has all the parts you need for it. It's a venom? If so it's the same as a walkera #4
looks like it too me
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nevermind I see it is a venom so they are definatly the same. I have bought a few times from them. Shipping is a tad high but it's there super fast! Just go under walkera #4 and all the parts are the exact same just a diffrent name on the cockpit
Yes its a venom, Night ranger 2.

Edit:Beat me to it!
Hey dave, for me it felt like the tail motor was pushing too hard making it spin right when you take off and when your flying, is it still doing that? The heli guy at lh told me to turn down the mixer, i tried with no luck.
I'll reset the gyro and trim it out and it will be better. The battery location needs to shift a little for better fore-aft balance. Lots of little tweaks...kinda like touring cars Smile
Nice Dave! I flew my buddies CX2 the other day and was super easy to fly, I want one now! Confusedmash:Confusedmash: