Full Version: Rockpile 7/31
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Anyone thats not going to the DD race this weekend interested in going to the pile ?
I'm dropping off the wife in Rockford on the way there.

Anyone in for some racing action in Wisconsin ?
sry im out. I took off last week to race and nothing happened so cant make this week.
I'll be at the DD race on sunday, sorry.
Change of plans for anyone thats interested. Points race going on at bristol rc ( Maybe some trophies..........I'll be there tearing it up.
You guys have fun running at the DD race.
Good luck to you, Thrash and MXkevin in Briston later on today! I'll be at the DD's race trying to gather all the points I can for the remainder of the year.
Had a great time today. Some damn good racing today.
Nice! We had a few probs with the computer system but it got fixed before the mains. Some decent racing going on at the DD's race also, just not on a large scale like Bristol, I'm sure.