Full Version: Berwyn bash/bbq?
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Hey guys, I wondering if y'all got together for the july 4th weekend. If not, when's the big bash? Just saw some vids, looks fun. :joy:
no we didnt and nobody knows.
Thats too bad!!
We should set up another Bash/BBQ sometime. It was the only time this year, with the exception of Pro Series, that we had more than 3 -5 people get together....
Count me in!! (whenever it happens)
august 20th for the next bbq bash. Il make a new thread with some votes
Quote:august 20th for the next bbq bash.

Feel free to bring gifts for the Birthday guys... (Firesprink, Newguyjr, Newguy, Snakebite, etc..) Smile
im in!! Confusedmash:
I'll go!
20th sounds good!
I'm game for the 20th too!
Devry sounds good
Devry sounds real good Smile