Full Version: rockpile 7-24 or 7-31
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Ok guys im gonna take off a sunday for rockpile. Is anybody gonna be going either of those dates? I gotta take off work so id rather take a day off were the whole group goes. Anybody gonna go and if so what weekend?

Or does anybody wanna go to nitro farm this saturday for some racing. I really want to check out both tracks so id rather go with the group of people to represent. What does everyone feel like doing this weekend?
I really want to get up there, but I will be at the Pro series. I think the first weekend in August is their big Wisconsin points race. That might be a good time to go.
Mitch, I'm going up to the Rockpile 7/24 with David. 7/31 most of the people from the Rockpile, Nitrofarm, and JJ's Dirt Heaven will be in Bristol, Wi. for the WORP point series.

8/7 is the final race at the Rockpile for the series. I missed the Nitrofarm race but finished 4th in MTs yesterday in Greenbay.

On a side note, you guys gotta check out this other track up there It's one huge/fast track with great dirt, decked out hobby shop, and a cool group of people. They race Sats. and JJ's races Suns. I had an awesome racing weekend!

Also, Nitrofarm races on Sundays now because of Thomas' work schedule. It's his family's game farm. I saw him yesterday.

We gotta get a group to go up to Greenbay early Sept. We can all camp out at my girlfriends sisters house. She has a huge yard and is totally cool about the idea. We can hit 2 tracks in one weekend! BBQ, Beer etc.
Cool dude, see ya at the pile on sunday. We should be there around 8-830
Rock Pile it is! I'll be there on sunday! The 24th I'm assuming?
Hmmm... I just might have to take a vacation day, and test out the TTR....
COOOOOL..... Another great day of racing at the Rockpile!! I love that place! See you all there....
ok so whats the count for sunday?
Mich, looks like 5 people confirmed. 4 MT drivers right? David has his new Mayhem to test. Newguy, are you coming or what? Remember, even a bad day racing is better than a good day at work! When you lay dying will you remember this Sunday it at work or racing with your friends at THE ROCKPILE? (no peer pressure though LOL!!!)
I'm going to try... Gotta see if I can get the time off for that AND Camp Jeep.

What are the Race fees at Rockpile?
Fees? I think they're $12.
12 sounds right. Newguy, call in dude. You gotta get out more often. Rockpile is a great track.
12 sounds right. Newguy, call in dude. You gotta get out more often. Rockpile is a great track.
damn I'm a double clicking fool.

Sorry for the double post
Snakebite, I'm finding that the train schedules aren't working out real well to get to Waukegan to ride with David on Sun. AM. Is it possible to give you some gas money to get to the Rockpile?
I got a full house again dude. Ryan, Matt and I are riding together. The hooptie fills up quick. Gotta get dibs in quick for the seats. =)
where's rockpile located?
Do you have an exact address so I can mapquest it?
Follow the link and they have maps on their site.
I really want to go but I can't squeeze it Sad
I'll be there if I have to walk!!
tex use both hands and then squeeze.
I wish guys...........
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