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phil007 Wrote:Ready to Fly…just add pilot!

This hasn't been getting any flying time this year and she need a good home. Last flight was on June 10th. It's ready to fly and includes everything including batteries, charger and TX. All that's need are your flying skills!

T-REX 450
HOSS 4X Belt Drive frame with additional upgrades
Heliworkz raised tail
All metal head
Metal tail grips
GY401 (chipped case)
4 - HS56 servos
1 set of SAB blades plus 3 other sets
JR770 RX (CH 32)
XP6102 TX (CH 32)
450th motor
Jazz 40-6-18 ESC
2 - Thunder Power 4s 2000mAh Pro Lite packs
Thunder Power 4s charger
Carbon look canopy
Clear canopy
Lots of extra parts.

You'll never strip this main gear.
[Image: 1121568824_3d21623412_o.jpg]

The belt drive runs much quieter that the standard TREX gear set up. I was happy when Thomas came out with this frame because I hated changing that plastic gear after crashing. Now with this new frame I haven't crashed. The 120 degree eCCPM was a big improvement.

[Image: 351363584_49833a89fd.jpg]

[Image: 5389807369ea9a60916ofk0.jpg]

I am upgrading from a cx2
That thing's scary...
Good god don't let stratcat see this thread! He'll go buy one this week then! LMAO Look's like a well built heli though! How much for one of those TTTM?

Matt Big Grin
I got a pretty good deal IMO
Ouch, can ya share the wealth with a brotha! LOL j/k Nice heli though! Be careful with it for that much cash! Big Grin
t to the maxx2 Wrote:I got a pretty good deal IMO

what kind of deal? I'm wanting a t-rex...

very cool looking! what kind of tail is that? wow!
you need a scale fuselage to go on that..

helicopter fuselage

a nice airwolf body would look good, especially with that mean assed tail that you have going on!
when I get good enough I will, but first I'd rather focus on learning to fly then making it pretty. Just like the saying Chrome won't get ya home.

[Image: HH2440.jpg]
A stock Trex 450 without a radio is $500, so that one had to be well over that.....good luck and it should keep you away from traffic tickers for a while.

Get a simulator and practice, practice, practice.....
t to the Maxx,

my plan is to build my second MX400 and put the scale fuselage on it, complete with retracts.. building the first heli, I kinda had problems and ended up with 1 and 1/2 extra heli's... good for crashes, but I don't plan on crashing that much..

by the way, the bigger ones are a dream to fly compared to the CX, I was hovering my big one in the office yesterday in half the space that I need for the CX...
stratcat Wrote:what kind of deal? I'm wanting a t-rex...

very cool looking! what kind of tail is that? wow!

See, I told ya so!! LMAO No John ya don't need another heli! Big GrinBig Grin
hey, t to the maxx! did you put that sucker in the air yet? don't worry about crashes man, they happen all the time, it just makes you a better mechanic! Big Grin
FedEx | Track
he put it in the mail yesterday. It'll be here thursda
Did you ever get this flying? Or can I buy it yet?
I got one you can buy dave, flown one time, just add your tail rotor and your flyin! Its the venom night ranger 2 i traded from on here. It was brand new and i flew it once and broke the tail blade. If u want i can do like $70, its 130 new.
RTF, radio, battery and all?
Yes sir, even the batteries that came with it.
[Image: Picture174.jpg]
[Image: Picture175.jpg]
[Image: Picture176.jpg]
[Image: Picture177.jpg]
[Image: Picture178.jpg]

It flys awesome, i just suck at ill stick to my minis.
Looks pretty good. Let me sleep on it.
Anyone want it, its for sale.
Any chance you wanna barter a trade? I've got lots of clear bodies crying out for custom paintjobs Smile What do you need?
Mbx5r jconcepts illuzion. Do you got one?
I can get one.....
Do you want to do that, custom painted jc illuzion for the 5r in trade for the heli?
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