Full Version: Elgin Ohare/ Roselle bash spot
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Anyone headed out to the new spot this weekend??:popcorn:
Where exactly is this place @ ? I wouldn't mind lending a hand getting it in order and all.
I'll head out there tommorrow. Just finished up setting up the suspension, I'd like to try it out and see how I like it Smile.

I'll be up there around 10am.

maxximum, if you're from the city, you'd need to go west on I-90 toward the shaumburg area, then south on I-355/53/I-290 (don't remember which of those names the highway uses at the I-90 interchange). Exit on thorndale and go west. That road becomes the elgin/o-hare expressway. Exit on roselle an go north. Turn left on nerge/pratt and go down a few blocks. The road will deadend into a right turn only. Park there and you'll see the opening in the trees (while looking at the expressway from where you're standing). In there are the jumps.
I'm going to try and come out also...maybe around 10:30 or so...just got my Sirio .18 in and it still needs some tweaking.
I may stop out for a bit with my lil cousin, I'll bring the revo. So this is how you get there

Elgin/O'Hare + Roselle

North on Roselle

West on Pratt/Nerge

at deadend park and look for opening in the woods toward the expressway?

Just making sure Smile

I'll be there around 1130am-12pm or so if I'm coming

oh and Obsessive, I can help you get that Sirio kickin' butt
You can't miss it once you get to the end of Pratt before it turns.
Revo is loaded in car....ready Big Grin
had fun today and will be out there more in the future. Even a small track COULD be set up. Bank turn, double double, small more