Full Version: Who's going to Glitcher's tommorrow?
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Anybody going to Glitcher's tomorrow that has room for a gas money contributing carpooler?

I'd really like to test my new pipe.

P.S. There might even be some beer involved! LOL!
RCDad, check out

I'm going with Lance and his son.

Gabe, Rich and a few others are going also. It's 20 mins. NW of Champaign, IL about 2hrs. 15 mins away.

If you leave around 7:15 am you can join us.

Hope to see you there!
Too far for me, have fun.
RC Dad, too bad you couldn't make it. It was hot out, and the track was a dust bowl, but I had a blast. They said it was the first time they never had water from the adjacent lake available. Weird.

The track had a pretty good layout, except the triples were not spaced quite right and I'll never understand why people with all the room in the world build tracks with short straights!!! And the tubes! My god what's with the tubes? If a Revo is getting hung up on a tube there's a problem. Why don't people partially bury them? No tube should ever block line of site at any position on the track from any position on the stand. (sorry, pet peeve rant)

Overall, you missed a good day of racing. In the MT's the Chi-Town crew took 1-5 in the A-main!!! Good racing guys!!
No pictures?
Twas a good time. Too bad my Revo broke before I could start the a-main in MT.
I agree Gabe, too bad you broke the start. That start was terrible anyhow! I had no one to hold my truck so I had to sit and idle. The second I hit the gas I flamed out and had to run down off the stand and start my own truck! Then my slipper went, thanks to Lance for pit wrenching for me to get me back out there.

Oh well, that's racing.

I'm going to this coming Sat. and on Sun. They're both in Greenbay.