Full Version: Stage 2 Modded STS. 30 FS
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Hey guys, I bought this motor thinking I was going to get back into RC's sooner then I actually am, so in that case it's up for sale. I've had about 3 people back out on me on this motor and as of right now I just need to unload it. It's a stage 2 mod from AB Mods. It used to be Adam's(owner of AB Mods) personal motor and got his Revo up to 49.7mph, that was an impressive videoBig Grin. It comes with an extra NIP piston and sleeve. The motor is fully broken in using a 10 tank heat cycle method. It still has good pinch but it's not SOOOO tight that you need to crack the glow plug on the box. It has one minor scrape on the head due to a wheelie flip over. My asking price is $135 Shipped

[Image: NewCamera075.jpg]
[Image: NewCamera073.jpg]

If you have any questions or would like extra pictures, please just ask!
Dont you think that you bought that with expensive price though as it was being sold lesser than you bought and I saw price on top essay writing where are the reviews written on the same modded. so choose wisely