Full Version: Wis. race series.
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Well, we missed the first race in the point series, but there's still time to hit the rest of the races in the Wis. series. It's 4 tracks. Nitro Farm (race held), Dirt Heaven (July 17th), then Bristol RC, and finally the Rockpile.

I'm most likely going to all of these races . I've got friends right by the Dirt Heaven race in New Franken, Wi (Green Bay), family right near Bristol, Wi. (west of Kenosha), and The Rockpile is just awesome!!! Can't miss that one!!

Anyone else interested?
as long as its on saturday i should be able to go
Mich, unfortunately, every race is on a Sun.
Do you know if Bristol is only open on Mondays?
I've heard that from the sceretary herself when I called last but things might have changed. Best to call to confirm.