Full Version: CampMaxx 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A date hasn't been set yet (for sometime in August). I want to go for sure, anyone else up to it?

Definitely have to experience it at least once if you haven't yet. It keeps calling me back year after year. It's fun racing and camping out there, I always have a blast.

Imagine a Berwyn bash, but you sleep there about 50ft from a track.:evil2

So who's going?

We usually leave on a Friday and come back Sunday.

Here is a list of potential things we can do there

Mud pit
MINI racing
Drag Race
Jump contest

BTW, it's right outside STL
I've got some stuff going on in august, so as long as there are no conflicts...I'm heading off to STL. Smile
Quote:Here is a list of potential things we can do there

Mud pit
MINI racing
Drag Race
Jump contest

You forgot Something....


I'm up for it.. I should be used to the new toy by then... Time to actually WIN a race... lol
Which weekend?

July 23rd
July 30th
Aug 6th
Aug 13th

I vote Aug 13. Give everyone plenty of time to request off work and plan accordingly.
I trust that STL is St. Louis and not Seattle.
St Louis is correct
I vote July 30th, it's only the 6th today.
Gabe, I don't understand this thing. What's the agenda? What's the track like? Is it a real track? Fri. night bbq party, Sat. practice/special events and Sunday racing sounds good to me.

Any day after Aug. 7th-I'm going to the BIG Wis. Series race at The Rockpile. It's the finale' of the 4 track mini series up in Wis. It's gonna be a HUGE race. I'm thinking of hitting 3 of the four races.
yeah it's a real track Bruce. Basically you camp at a track and bash, race, and party for 2 days

There is pics of the track in the gallery
Works for me! Is there a bar nearby with nubile young females?
nope, just bunch of old, gay men running around naked at a pond near by. j/k

Mr.Tune was talking about renting a trailer from u-haul and 4 people fit in the Trailblazer. We would just need to pitch in like $20 for gas and $10 for a trailer, each person. Did you want to ride down Bruce? We haven't decided on a date quite yet either, but it's being worked on.

If Mr.Tune doesn't drive, I will. I'll take the wifes car, better on gas and more reliable than my Jetta.
Yeah, that's cool. Sounds like fun! Can I pick my tentmate? Some of you guys scare me! LOL!!
no tentmates man. Bring your own tent
Is there a place to shower or at least a hose?
There is a hose, yes. Shower, no.
Good enough for me! A good cold shower works after a day of hot racing!!
So it's looking like it will be the first weekend in Aug. (Fri.5th- Sat.7th)....Not 100% sure but the votes on the showme board are looking that way.

So who all wants to go again? I forgot.

Mr.Tune, did you say you had another trip planned this weekend? Rafting or something?

Satach, did you want to ride out, one way or another? (either with Tune .....or Me if Tune ain't goin') I think the trailblazer with trailer is a great idea.
im going and squirl from the show me board are going
I'll go if there is room for me...
If the date is Aug. 6/7th I won't be able to make it. I don't want to miss the final race of the Wis. Race Series at the Rockpile. It should be a HUGE race.
ok, cool Bruce.

newguy, you want to ride down with me. Prolly leave Friday night after work, around 6:30pm, get to STL around 11pm Fri. Come back normal time on Sunday night.
I'm not going! Sucks but I can't go.

Helping my best bud move into his first house that weekend, plus no money, it's going to other things.
newguy i think there mite be room in Squirls explorer