Full Version: Dirt dawgs race at Elbourn on the 3rd (july).
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For the dirt dawgs guys. How many non-members are alowed to come and race with you guys? Directions to the track? Practice time? Race time?, you know, the usual questions. With permission of course, I'd like to post race day on the frontpage to get your club more exposure and possibly generate a very big race day and probably some new signups for the club.

For the rest of the members, how many are planning to check out what their club is all about and race with them on that day?
Maybe?? Could be fun and Elburn is pretty close to Naperville.
I just joined on Saturday......I'll be at the race on the 3rd.

As far as I know, its an open race day to anyone who wants to come out and race on the new big hopes to gain more members Big Grin

Ive seen the plans for the track, from what I understood, it is 180ft X 80ft and has many 5 -6ft high banked turns, lots of jumps and combos, and a very long straight-a-way. I cant wait to see it! :drool:
Do we win any thing ?
Ribbons are handed out for first thru third, in the A and B mains.

Non members are allowed to race once with us, (except for the third (new track)). It is kinda like a health club, you check it out, and if you like it join if not thanks for checking us out.

We race on a season point total and an awards party is held at the end of the season. Ribbons handed out after each race.

We race every other Sunday ( July 3rd next race) Practice and reg from 8-10. 10:30 racing starts. We run 2 5 minute heats and 10 minute A mains and 5 minute lesser mains
We race 1/8 pro, 1/8 sportsman, electric, Mt Sportsman, Outlaw Mt, and Gas truck

We have 3 tracks, 2 in Elburn and 1 in McHenry

Member ship is $60 for the year. You get t shirt, sticker for your car, and entered into the points system and invited to the awards banquet. Plus discounts at LHS's and a new killer deal with an online retailer.

Race fees, non members $20 first $5 for each additional. Members $10 and $5

All timing is done on the AMB timing system with the Rc Scoring software
George, I don't have an AMB yet. Does your club have loaners for those unfortunate souls like myself? I would have one by now but I invested all my Mad Money into a new radio system recently.......
Yes we have the loaners, we just ask if you use a loaner you leave us your car keys(deposit like) because we have had people go home with the loaners still in their car.
That's a great system!!!!

Does a stock revo with stock tires stand a chance of even keeping up (read as "staying out of the way") with your race-prepped machines? I think it will be fun to race but I don't really feel like being in the way all day, being a sub-novice class driver. Actually I can drive, don't get me wrong. I just have zero track time.

Maybe the boys and I will stop out to watch the races. Does your website list the location of the track for 7/3
the revo would be in the sportsman class, that would race other revos, monster gt, savages etc.

The outlaw class is for the truggies. You should be fine with a Revo.

rocco has been winning the Sportsman with his Savage..

The website is being worked on so no, I will post info here soon, I have to get the exact address.

To give you an idea, its in Elburn. 1 mile west of Rte 47 on Keslinger is Schneider road. Go south on Schneider 2 miles. Approx 12 minutes from Geneva
Cool, thanks!
Address for July 3rd race for mapquest

0N278 Schneider rd
Elburn, IL
I'm there :racing:

Although I would love to join the club, I have no funds to do that right now. I may not even be able to race on the 3rd, maybe just watch/pit/marshal.

Currently I'm selling all my RC's :eek:
Do whatever ya have to TEX!!! We gotta have a race where you dont break a dog bone!
you were killing me in that race anyway, I was driving like dog piss
i might be out there with the new revo.
Bring it!!! Will have a chitwon project car showdown
rocco79 Wrote:chitwon

Is that the chinese version of the Revo? :p:
Tex Wrote:Is that the chinese version of the Revo? :p:

OOPs!! i meant chitown.... :moon:
I know..... I was messin'......
I know its cool... I just love that lil smiley that moons people!!!
:moon: Hi Rocco :moon:
Hi Rich!!!!!!!!!!! :moon: :moon: :moon: :moon:
:popcorn: Crack Kills

We had a couple people at the track this morning. This is UNACCEPTABLE. This track is on private land and we are authorized to use it at certain times only. Anyone found running on the track with out permission is considering tresspassing. This is a good thing going here and I don't want it to be ruined.

Not trying to sound like a prick, but I can't have people tresspassing!!!!! and ruining the oppurtunity for the club....
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