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anyone ever file with the labor board because of a shady employer? I just started a new job and my ex employer charged me for bogus chages on my last paycheck. charges i did not authorize and was never discussed with me to be taken from my check..
I have contacted the Illinois dept of labor on a couple of occasions to seek advice for myself or on behaf of a client. They were very helpful in advising me how to proceed through channels of arbitration or otherwise.
thanks mike! i found this out from that site!

Section 300.840 Uniforms Required by an Employer

An employer shall not deduct the cost of purchasing and/or cleaning uniforms required by the employer from an employee's wages or final compensation, unless the employee's express written consent is given freely at the time the deduction is made. Distinctive outfits or accessories, or both, intended to identify the employee with a specific employer shall be considered a uniform. If an employer requires a general type of ordinary basic street clothing to be worn, but permits variations in the detail of dress, this shall not be considered a uniform. However, when an employer requires that an employee purchase street clothes either from the employer or from a third party designated by the employer, the clothing shall be considered a uniform.

so the issue is he took $100 out and said that i didnt turn in 1 shirt and one pant and that one shirt and pant was damaged. I didnt find out this was being deducted till i picked my check up today. And what do you know the sh!t head just happened to not be there! Also his cell phone was strangly enough turned off and his daughter picked up the phone when i called his house then hung up . when i called back i got fax machine! hummmmmmm
so this was the note i wrote and left on his desk before i left after picking up my check.......
This is an illegal dedution from my paycheck. I did not authorize this, furthermore i am not resposible as i have returned all my uniforms.I will be expecting an immediate reimbursement in the amount of $98.70. Please contact me ASAP! If i do not hear back from you before the end of the week i will be forced to forward this to the Labor Board for review.

I was polite yet firm and letting him know im serious and dont F with me.
Nice, let him have it man! Hey you still got a paintball gun right! Git-r-done son! LMAO Hope it works out for ya and hows the new job?