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NICE!! Too bad all of my papers haven't had much of a length requirement.... yet. Haha
FreeRideFrosty Wrote:NICE!! Too bad all of my papers haven't had much of a length requirement.... yet. Haha
Girlfriends to huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So whats it doing, changing the spacing to make it take up more pages?

Reminds me of my dating requirement in school - never date a girl who cannot type! After all, whos gonna type up all the notes into a paper you finished at 3am that is due at 9:30?
excellent idea! lol
Do people really think this shit really fools the teachers? C'mon...gimme a break!
yes... i do
dude that will definetly fool teachers
Yes, I could absolutely believe it would work. I hated page minimums in school. I would have used that for sure.
sweet i have a 3-4 page research paper to do this week. ill try it
Im glad i could help!
I seen that yesterday. I will try that next paper I have to write.
Thanks for the video! I have a History paper due soon, so I will definately be doing that. Minimum requirement of the paper is 5 pages, which means I only have to do 4 pages, lol. If this was a paper for English, then my teacher would probably catch it. People were trying to turn in papers with like 12.5 font, and automatically, he was like, "This font doesn't look right. Turn the paper in tomorrow for half credit." lol.
rocco i dont like the title. its a tease i thought there was a TUTOR involvedSad jfwy
Bamf teachers will catch the font but i dont think they will notice periods at all I have some anal english teachers and i dont think they would be able to tell the diffference
Yeah, I guess the font is more obvious. But another thing he notices is when we make the margins tighter. They don't have to be too much tighter then what they are normally, and he will notice it.
my English teacher catches spacing and such, everything but there is NO WAY he will catch this one.