Full Version: need to move a tool box
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I need to move my tool box from 188th st in mokena to CIT in joliet. Anyone have a trailer or tow truck that would like to make some extra cash and help me move it tomorrow or fri? This is a big heavy box and wont fit up a moving truck ramp or thats how i would have done it already. Its about 1500LBS and demensions are 78" long 34" deep and 48" tall. A inclosed trailer like the type to haul a car or to carry lawnmower stuff in would work too cause they have that door in the rear that folds down flat.or something with a lift gate.Iv called around to a few tow companies but they either want way too much or wont do it cause they have never done it before. If you can help let me know.Confusedalute:
If you feel like making an account go to There are tons of car guys on there that could posibly help you out.
Ask the snapon , matco , mac guy , etc and see if they will move it for you ,if you buy enough stuff from them they will hook u up , when i go out of the auto business i had the matco guy bring my box to the house , charged me $25 , dropped it right off at my garage and it now makes an excellent rc bench