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well, lets just say this would qualify for one of those.........wake up this morning and hang out on the computer for a bit...(hard to believe right...Wink) decide to go outside and jump start my moms truck (left the dome light on the other night after practice....grrr) that i am borrowing, when i reach inside the truck to pop the hood....what do ya know....there is a big ass hole in the dash.......the stereo has been stolen....damnit!, so i shut the door and look towards my garage where i see the big sliding door wide in there to see that my 4-wheeler was gone. and so was a cd player for my car. So that is 2 cd players and a $2000 4-wheeler so far for the day...and 1 of the cd players was my mom's, not bad all before 9 a.m.....LOL. After talking with police and making report i finally jump start my moms now tune less truck and head to the gas station. Truck was real low on gas, mabey because i live in BFE and there are no gas stations on my way home from the track, wouldn't ya know it I RAN OUTTA F*&^%ING GAS!!!!!!. Can it get any worse????? LOL, dont even think i should leave the house for the rest of the day .........having a pretty shitty day so far, and all before noon. LOL. Sorry for the babling but now that i typed it all i feel better and even laughed a little at my stupid ass for running out of gas..........Big Grin, and if i see my 4 wheeler i will feel even better after i beat the piss outta who ever is on it.....bionic leg and all.
that sucks
Damn that sucks.
Post up some pictures of it. And will keep an eye out for it
Wow, that really sucks.

Just sit in the chair, watch tv and pray you don't burn the house down. Big Grin
LMAO.....i was thinking the same thing....hope i dont cough...Wink
I think me and Brians cat are gonna hang out for the rest of the day...LOL
Wow, that reeeally sucks.
that sucks man time to spark a bowl for sure
Well my day has been great! I get to the shop this morning and there is a new stereo in the truck. Then get my route done and I come home to take my son out on this kick ass quad that was left in my backyard this morning. This day is going so well,free stuff and 6 hours of OT.

Sorry to hear about your crappy day chad,to bad it will continue tomorrow at the track Big Grin
Czech-it-Out Graphics Wrote:that sucks man time to spark a bowl for sure

all over it...Wink
dude, I feel for you bigtime, and I mean that.......that is a major bummer Sad
thanks guys, it looks like they tried to, or did steal some gas from my wifes tahoe, and come to find out my neighbor down the road had some gas stolen and they left the siphon hose hanging out of the truck. so hopefully it is some punk ass neighbor kid and the cops will get him.
sorry this is funny "you know you're a redneck when, you neighbors live DOWN THE ROAD" Wink lol Smile
Leave something out in the open tonight and wait for him to come back, then as soon as he turns around get him in the ass with a pellet gun, then we'll see who will be cripled. lol.
uh ya pellet gun.....LOL
Sucks chad!!!!

Sorry bro. Wanna borrow my .40 cal?
Only 1 sparked up?????? Geez I'd need a hell of alot more than that. And a few Captain's and pepsi'sConfusedalute:
dont worry my day pretty much stayed the same.....started raining ice about 3 o'clock down here in the "sticks" so about 4 the power decides to go out and i was stuck in candle light till 9:30 hopeing to keep my fish tank abouve 75 degrees so the last 300$ i spent on my livestock wasnt floating...........what a damn in the hole.......Wink
Damn dude, talk about a day to go back to bed!

Wanna borrow the bionic arm to go with that leg so you can squeeze the breath outa them while that leg is kicking there ass?
LOL....ya. my day better go a little better tomorrow. Smile
Hope it goes good for ya Sun at least! Man I feel for ya!
Yeah that sucks balls that you lost all that stuff. What kind of quad was it, do you have any pics? I'll keep an eye out for it when i start riding the trails and tracks again.
2000 honda 300ex.....everything on it was new. Sad i will post some pics later. thanks man.
chickenfarmer3 Wrote:I think me and Brians cat are gonna hang out for the rest of the day...LOL

We have been sittin here all day with the power out... NO KITTY YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY OF MY CHEESY POOFS, stupid cat. I havn't had any power for about 8hrs today but my day was no where as bad as yours. Sorry to hear about the decks and 4 wheeler (I hate people that steal chit). If ya want you can p.m me your address and I'll Fed Ex the cat to ya, oh yeah I won't forget that other stuff lol Big Grin
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