Full Version: Custom Vinlys??
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I thought I remember someone on here doing them or having a vinly cutter.

I was thinking about getting a couple done for my wing and maybe a starter box. Anyone able to get some cut? What kind of file does it need to come off of? Something out of Photoshop ok? Cost?

Let me know.

Thanks guys,
Dimo and Joe both do custom one color chit
Thanks..... I want to get a 'FreeRideFrosty' on my wing so everyone knows who to hack or bash on the forums. ;-)
Dimo knows what he is doing, toreass not soo much Wink LOL
Haha. I will play around with photoshop as soon as I find out what wing I am actually getting and what file type Dimo would need (if he can do it).
Switching the vinyl and photoshopping talk to here. :-)
pwnzor Wrote:[Image: frostywinglogocopy.png]
i have like every font in the world for PS, tell me what you want, I can hook you up, do you want it to flow with any decals or paint on your body, Im sure I have a good font that will flow Wink

pwnzor Wrote:a couple more

[Image: frostywinglogo2copy.png]
[Image: frostywinglogo3copy.png]

FreeRideFrosty Wrote:Czech you would have gotten a kick out of the original one. It said "FreeRideFrosty like gay men" and there was a cock and balls drawn in with paint. Haha

Pwnzor.... I actually really like the first and second ones. I do need them to be just black though. As cool as they look with other colors I will probably get them cut out of just black. I also need to find out the dimensions of the wing when it gets here so I can see if it will even fit or be legible.

I guess Iam really up for anything at this point as long as it is pretty legible from a reasonable distance (not all the way across the track or anything) and is black. I may get some cut in white for a starter box depending on color, but we will have to see.

(Do any places cut vinyl in multiple colors and what does that cost??)

(Just combining some posts.)
Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I've haven't been online much these last few days (damn strep throat!)

Anyways, I can do custom wing stickers. All in need is the font (if I don't have it). I can only do single color right now, so fonts like those above won't have pin striping like that.