Full Version: Beer Holder
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I finnaly found a good use for the family cat

[Image: normal_beerholder2.jpg]
Some cats are so motionless you can rest the beer right on their head. Now if u can get that cat to bring u a cold one and open it... now that will impress me
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty........................................................
If only I could teach him to open the fridge and bring me a beer on command.
Cat's are cool. If I put a beer next to my cat like that, he would probably start drinking it lol.
Just gotta get that cubs logo out of the picture.... Smile
The house hold cat is also good for making sure the microwave is in working order.... There small enough to check it from the inside . Mawwwwhahahaha!!!

Newguy.... Whats with the anti cub talk!?!?!?! You know you love them!!!!
chevy VS ford, cubs VS sox, let's just drop it now.
I'm with rocco on this one. Go CUBS!
ok, forget about dropping it Rolleyes
Smile It's all good. I think it is a lot different bringing up the "ford/CHEVY, cubs/SOX" debates on a local forum, where we know almost everyone, as opposed to on a worldwide or nationwide forum. We pretty much know how to take each others comments, and have a better idea when someone is actually upset, or just joining in the fun....

That being said.... So far, the Sox are up 2 games to 1. The second series is later this month, at the Sox home field. I see a 3 game sweep to the south side..... Smile
im with tune and rocco. Socks arent that great like people are saying. They couldnt even sweep against the cubs so what does that say LMAO JK.
Mich im glad we agree on something finally!!!! I hope all who read my posts that im a pretty light hearted guy ,And when i do get in to a FORD / chevy or a CUBS / suxs... Er i mean soxs debate im just kidding around . Im a sarcastic smartass and love too go back and forth with you guys i just hope you all know im playin!!
By the way DOGS!!

Cats sux!!!!

Here we go again!! Mawhahahahaha!!
I will agree with Rocco about the Dogs comment

[Image: Thor.jpg]
Nice Pit! Smile
... kinda looks like the little raschals dog!!!
Quote:Nice Pit!

Thanks Tex Smile

Quote:... kinda looks like the little raschals dog!!!

I'll have to see if I have a picture of one of his "brothers". Spitting image of Petey, down to the eyepatch... lol
A guy work with is a total Pit fanatic.... He's kinda a redneck that hasnt ever read a book so we all thought it was kinda funny when he came in one day reading a book on the whole breed of pits and how they came to be.... It was interesting, They were in fact breed too take down bulls by the nose!!! Pretty cool..

I like all dogs, big, small.... I had a smaller dog growin up... I had him for 18 years!!! Thats the only bad part about pets, you see them as a family memeber and the just dont seem to ever stick around long enough!!!
Me, I love cats............especially the dark meat!
Seriously, I used to have a cat, but I always wanted a dog, so one day I thought "If I could just make my cat SOUND like a dog, everything would be great."

So, a few squirts of lighter fluid and a match, and......WOOF !!!
I like pussy also Big Grin