Full Version: It pays to race RC!
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[Image: 11LG.jpg]

RCX, Pro-Line and The Dirt sponsored the Supercross race, where the country's best nitro racers competed. Ryan Cavalieri picked up wins in both the truck and buggy class, against Jared Tebo, Mark Pavidis, Adam Drake, Marty Korn, Richard, Saxton, Greg Degani and many more formidable competitors.
RcDad, thanks for posting the info on this race, but I think it was just a way to put more pics of girls on the site
now thats the motivation i need to be a better driver. Look at the money in his hand. O ya and the girls to. LOL
that's interesting, I didn't even notice there was a guy holding money.
I spent most of my time looking at the tail on the.......buggy.... yeah the buggy
And in case you haven't figured it out already, if it weren't for the wad of cash in his hand, those four women wouldn't be anywhere near a RC driver!!

The woman on his right is actually thinking, "Kiss your money good-bye, chump!" And she already has some of it.

The woman on the far left is actually a factory rep from JR Radio and she is doing her best to get that Airtronics M8 out of the picture.

And check out the arms on the gal on the right. That's not the first time she's lifted an 8 pound weight in a curling motion!
I like the one pink boob in the middle. lol
I could see if that happened to me, what you would not see is my wife kicking my a** afterward
Yeah, once the shoot is over he will be looking around wondering "Where did my money go??"

I don't care who she is, I wouldn't let her hold my truck. She can put that skill to use elsewhere...
That truck on the far right looks superimposed.