Full Version: Indianapolis 500
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It's been a great race to watch!

[Image: danica-sparco.jpg]

[Image: danica-multi.jpg]
my brother got to drive a lap on the indianapolis speedway in his solar car it was cool and whats up with you postin pics of hot girls lol i dont have anything wrong with it but its sorta random
dude shes the first ever female indy car driver.......and shes hot too!!! go like to look under her hood....
Heard she is one HELL of a driver.... Took the poll position, led quite a bit of the race, and if it wasn't for a little spinout (Which she recovered from), she might have won the race.....
She makes watching spike TV during the cars shows even better!!!!! Shes a lil hottie!!! She like 5'1'' and like 100 pounds!!! Mmmmmmmm MMMM!!!!!!
I thought she may have had a chance at the end, if she could have pitted and refuled she might have done it. 4th place for a rookie ain't bad at all.
Indy cars are cool! Smile So are hot chics! Smile
She did an excellent job. I was amazed at how well she got out of that spin. It would have been awesome if she had won that race!
I hope this is a just sarcastic thread on female Indy drivers and that you guys are intentionally throwing out bogus stats, because she isn't the first female driver, and she didn't win the Pole.

See Lyn St James, Janet Guthrie and Sarah Fisher for other Indy women.

Patrick is the first woman to lead the Indy 500, which she did for 19 laps.
She was Highest female qualifier and finisher.

And she's from Illinois.

She started 4th and finished 4th, winning Indy 500 Rookie of the Year.
I don't think anyone said she was the first female indy driver nor her pole position. However, as a rookie she did exceptionally well placing 4th.
I did mistakenly say that she had the pole position.... My bad
I'd give her the pole position..oops..did I say that out loud? Big Grin
RCDad Wrote:I'd give her the pole position..oops..did I say that out loud? Big Grin

haha, would you let her shift your gears too?! WAAHEHE