Full Version: Indoor Electric Fly-in Fest Champaign, IL
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There is a large electric plane/heli event Sat-Sun Feb 10&11 in Champaign, IL.

Looks like some very serious electric stunt flying and air combat takes place.

$5 to get in and watch.
I may head down for that, would you like to meet up somewhere?
me and hoobajoob saw the ad also at the hobby expo... hmmmmm
Plan On Attending E-Fest in February
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Author: Jim Booker
Posted: 1/10/2007
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Don't Miss This Event!

Last February, JR, E-flite and Spektrum were Gold Sponsors of the very first E-Fest—and it was so enormously successful, it became one of the largest electric flight indoor events of 2006. Again this year on February 10–11, you will find JR, E-flite and Spektrum as Gold Sponsors of this very popular event. Don’t miss it!

E-Fest 2006 attracted over 200 pilots, including such famous names as Sean McMurtry (USA), Yoichiro Ono (Japan), and Quique Somenzini (Chile). "Spectacular" was how Fly R/C magazine described the Heli Smackdown and Black-Out Nite Flying events. Overall, they found E-Fest to be "a ton of fun for everyone."

In a few weeks you'll have another chance to join in the fun yourself, when Great Planes hosts E-Fest 2007. Like last year, the festival will let participating pilots stretch their skills to the limit...and spectators can shake off the winter doldrums by watching edge-of-your-seat indoor aerobatics. It’s also a wonderful time to fly with your buddies in this excellent facility. Both days of E-Fest allow several hours for open flying. Specific times are reserved for slow flyers, jets, helis, 3-D, combat, and sponsored demos. By popular demand, Saturday's fun again concludes with "Black-Out Nite Flying"...when the Armory fills with music and flying LEDs.

E-Fest will be held at the University of Illinois Armory Track and Field facility in Champaign, Illinois. With its 100-foot ceiling and vast open space, the Armory offers an ideal stage for hot R/C indoor flying during cold winter days.

Don't miss this winter's Big Event in R/C indoor flying. For complete information about E-Fest—admission and registration details, schedules, lodging, maps and more—visit the festival website at

Attend and enjoy the following events:

World Class Airshow
See world famous pilots perform amazing stunts and choreographed routines to music.

Ultimate Combat
Full contact airplane battles where the last one flying wins.

Indoor Night Flying

Pylon Races
Pilots race to the finish line for the ultimate bragging rights.

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Is anyone going to this?
:o: Did anyone go? I forgot....:mad:
No i was thinking of going saturday, But had other things i had to do with the kids
Hello all, Im going to this Feb 9-10 2008...would anybody like to go a flyer and will hopefully be a flyer there so lmk if anybody would like to go...i will prolly sleep in the car or pitch a tent but ill prolly just go buy a hotel room HAHA so...let me know..thanks
Revoguy22 Wrote:Hello all, Im going to this Feb 9-10 2008...would anybody like to go a flyer and will hopefully be a flyer there so lmk if anybody would like to go...i will prolly sleep in the car or pitch a tent so...let me know..thanks

WOAH lmao.... might want to rephrase that hahaha
Ponch Wrote:WOAH lmao.... might want to rephrase that hahaha

haha that reminded me of the mind of mencia with the speed dating thing, that was funny if anyone saw it.
lol im gonna buy a hotel room
he said pitch a tent so he needs help with the poles

jk alex