Full Version: July 4th weekend. The next big berwyn bash/bbq?
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Is anyone interested in doing another big bash/bbq at berwyn like we did a few weeks ago? I figure what better time to have another big bash than on our country birthday.

It could take place either saturday (2nd), sunday (3rd), or monday (4th). Depending on schedules.

What do you guys think? If enough people say "let's do it!", let's pick a date and I'll post it up on the frontpage to get some exposure. We had a big turnout last time. It would be nice to match or beat that!
Bernie has been saying that he'll have the new track ready for that weekend but I doubt it. If he doesn't I'd be up for a bash on any day.
im in!! im always up for a good bash!!
Count me in, the last one was a blast!! :p
im there except on the fourth.......
i could maybe go if my bro took me but i dont think i could go on the fourth because thats when everyone goes to see like fireworks and stuff with their families so maybe the day before after we could attach some fireworks to are cars like some roman candles bottle rockets lol
I'm not sure if that weekend will work, I'll know more as the time gets closer. We should set it up for Sat. or Sun. if anything though. I don't think the 4th of July would be great for everyone.
ill be out of town...mmmm...2500$ worth of fireworks.....
I hope you're kidding that you would light fire to $2500. Think of the RC toys you could have for that.
Unless you're filthy rich, then I agree, mmmmm, fireworks, oooooo, ahhhhh.
lol i have an xmod and ive alread beat the Sh** out of it i drove it off a roof and it still works lol or you can get one of those 1:64 rc cars and put a bottle rocket on it that would be funny as hell.
it was 500$ per person, and the place we went it is buy one get one free on every its actually a grand totle of 5000$ worth of BOOMS!!!!
your out of your mind,LOL,just make sure you dont burn or get burned,are you providing the show for everyone or just you?
i gave up on fireworks yrs ago i used to sell them when i was a kid but i lost interest

have fun
Speaking of puting fireworks on R/C's reminds me of last year in St Louis.... Luckily most of it was caught on video....

Click here for video
nice video