Full Version: Leisure on 5/28/05
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Just curious who I may see there...

What truck will you have?
All I own is pede's, I'll have my brushless pede.
you'll have the only Pede there so I'll find you.

I'll have a Dominator and a t-maxx.
Are you racing or just practicing?
I'm gonna go do some price shopping at leisure hobby in the afternoon. I'll stop by and say hi after Smile.
Yep, I had the only pede last time. There was one guy and his wife that had two Losi electrics. I'm just going for practice, I'm no where near ready to race yet. I'll be easy to spot, the only one with a two rug rats running around Big Grin
I'm not going to go tomorrow, I got some bad glitching at a distance today, I ordered an aluminum antenna mount, I think the problem is the antenna wire just being wrapped around the shock tower.