Full Version: Anyone have plans 5-21-05???
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Jw what was going on.......
most people from around here will be racing at round 2 of the north division of the rc pro series down in hamlet indiana. Its going to have 200+ people and it will be going on till late sunday night starting today (friday).
My kids bday party is tomorrow, ugh... it's costing me a fortune. I could have bought a Revo for what this has come to.
And why DIDN'T you buy your child a Revo?
Lol, well my oldest got an e-maxx which turned out to be too much for him so I bought him a stampede (that was in May). My youngest is most likely getting a mini-t (his bday is in June). Jointly there having a huge bday party tomorrow where all their friends can come and we bought them a Mickey Mouse TV and DVD player.

The TV they have now rolls and rolls for like 5 minutes lol
When my son got "his" Revo I put a piece of rubber tubing over the trigger so that it only pulls about 1/2 throttle. He got used to driving it that way and then we removed it and now he flies it around! It's like anything, once you get used to it, it's easy.

Now, when we upgrade to the OS18 (se I didn't forget what everyone said was the best Revo mod!) he'll be better equipped to handle the power. And he's 12. His 15 yr old brother already drives the Revo really well. I can't get any radio time, between those two!

18T would be cool because you can run inside the house (with clean tires!). Maybe.....
ill be at the track for a bit in the morning.
I'll be working, doing a side job.
I'm about to head out for some paintball action Smile