Full Version: External HDD users?
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Anyone on here use an external HDD? I was thinking about making one my self. Anyone got any reccomendations on what case to use? I'm thinking about these two.

Any other suggestions?
That wont work. You have to have tons of hookups. Just go buy a allready made one. There like $100 shipped for a 300GB.
Why won't it work? I was told by a few different people it would. And if you can find a prebuilt 300 gb one post up a link.
Why won't the stuff that I want to use work?
It will work, u just need hookups. Seeing how that hardrive runs a different cord other then the USB. I think its called a IPE cord. And the power is converted different and basically your wiring will be laying ALL over. Just take the easy route and buy the one from best buy. It even saves you money.
If you take a look here.

It has everything inside the case, this is not the same case that I linked to in the beginning but it is the same thing, just a different case, it already has everything in side the case, the plug that goes into the HDD and the power for it, and a fan.
traxxas_junkee, that should work in your link, at least according to their description.

Did you check out pricing at newegg? You might be able to find better pricing compared to tiger direct.
I was looking at newegg. I didn't look through all of them, but I will most likely get the case from TD since it is so cheap, but I'll look on newegg for a cheaper HDD.

EDIT: Haha just saw this on TD home page. I could get a 320 gig for $80 or I could get a 250 gig for $80.
I found a place called chief value that even has better prices then new egg, it saved me a ton of money when I built my last rig. why do you want to go external hdd ?
what is a case that will fit a regular HDD from a tower PC? looking to do an external drive for my comp also. Thanks
I just want one so I can get everything off my comp's internal HDD. And also so I can take files from PC to PC faster than over the network, and also my laptop only has a 5 gig HDD so it will be nice for that so I can take all the music from my desktop to my laptop.
damn dude my mp3 player has an 8 gig hd, lmao
lol. Its an old Panasonic Toughbook.
how big is a computer hard drive? like that case is for a 2.5" how big is a HDD from a tower PC?
Desktop HDD are 3.5". Laptop ones are 2.5".
thanks for clearing that up for me. so basically any 3.5'' case will work?
thanks for the help guys
you guys need to check

250g external $69.99
7THGENDMAN Wrote:you guys need to check

250g external $69.99

That sucks. Where were you two days ago? lol. Mine will be here tomorrow. (Hopefully)
OK, well I got mine. Can I copy an XP disc to it then install it on my laptop through the HDD?
I'm not sure if computers can boot from a usb port. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
dimo can u bring a copy of that frontpage sunday for me?
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