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There is a Transformers live acton movie coming out! I dont know about you but i will most def not be seeing this!lol Yeah it looks like it could be cool but it looks like they totally chopped what transformers where all about. From what i understand the transformers come from outerspace and attack the planet, which was NOT what the real transformers was all about. Then again steven spielblahjdfberg (dont know how to spell that) is behind it so as usual it has to be something scary. I find this funny cause i just bought clerks 2 awhile back and i remember them talking about it and how ranger danger was better than transformers or Go Bots but i just thought it was part of the made up script.
I thought the Decepticons came to earth to take resources? Atleast from the trialor i watched thats how it seems. The Trailor is killer, I will be at the theater to watch this movie. Its transformers man, they change and so does the movie, just go see it.
Joe your gay.... come on over and watch some TV
Maybe, but from the trailer i saw, i took it as they where all evil.Maybe its just the crappy portrayal of what it was about in the trailer.
Are you guys talking about the trailer they just released? In the newest one, they say some are here to help, other to destroy.

I will definately see this opening weekend! Transformers was one of my favorite cartoons in the 80s! That and GI Joe.
Mr. Tune Wrote:Transformers was one of my favorite cartoons in the 80s! That and GI Joe.

Thats right, i forgot Dimo is up there in age too.

Denty, ill watch TV over there but if nothing is on it im out of there fast.
maxximum_44 Wrote:+1

yeah mine too but so was spiderman and i was kinda disapointed in that movie.And also the HULK which in my opinion was a flop! But i heard batman returns is really good.
I checked the trailers listed on Yahoo movies and in one of the trailers they say that they are from Mars :confused: (at lease that is the way they make it seem). :crazy:
Spiderman movie a dissapointment? Hell NO!! I loved that movie! I own the first 2 on dvd and I'll see the the 3rd on opening day like I did for the other 2. Smile
BAtAMan returns saw very good.. Christian bale was the best batman
Batman returns was the best of those movies hands down.