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so i got bored...found an old nerf gun and decided to mod it. First i cut off the small post inside of the barrel so that it doesnt slow down the bullet, then i tried to find a spring to change out with the stock one. i found stock revo springs, first i tried to use 2 of them because they were about the same length as the one in the gun, those were just too resistant for the plastic, so then i cut the spring that came stock and used one revo spring. and DAMN! this thing fires like no other, the bullets with the sticky ends are so powerful they wont stick even if i shoot it from like across my house which is proll like 30 feet. they still bounce off cuz they're going so fast.

remember when you had to arc your shot to make it a certain distance, i dont even have to anymore. its really fast.

i was just wondering if anyone else ever modded a nerf gun to do something like this. im gonna try and get a few more after the holidays from target and see what i can cook up using more stock revo springs.

im working on a tutorial to show what i did.
bad ass dude!
i took a small nail and glued it to the end of the dart, so just a bit is sticking out, then i shot it from about 20 feet away and it stuck about 5-7 mm into my drywall. its friggin crazy.
we need pics!!!
workin on em, gotta upload em and stuff. the thing is that it was my brothers old gun (he's 9) and so its all colored over with sharpie in random places. so it doesnt look good but its pretty damn cool. i'll get those pics i photobucket and such in a few.
working on pics in a sec, theyre uploading to photobucket, i made some twisted bulets, i took a small nail and managed to make a way to mount it to the tip, it will seriously lodge itself into the wall if i shoot it from like 15 feet, (drywall with paint over it) this could do some serious damage if shot at someone... im starting to get freaked out that im having this much fun doing something so retarded. but thats what happens when teachers dont assign any HW

[Image: IMG_2337.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2338.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2339.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2340.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2341.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2342.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2343.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2344.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2349.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2350.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2352.jpg]

I ended up putting in half of the silver spring and one revo spring. And the first dart pictured just didnt work too its no longer like that, its been changed to one like the one below it.

There is a crappy sight but i plan on getting a lser pointer and addint that, as the crappy "laser" sight is basically just a light. and its just not too good at all...
Please.... use the Macro setting on the camera. Maybe a flash too.....
yea, my camera is a POS for some reason it doesnt fave macro. or anything even like it. i was gonna make the pics smaller but i was wayy too tired at that point. most te pics in the middle are just so i knew how to put it back together once i had changed the spring. The pics looked fine on my camera but of course theyre bigger here, so they look blurry now.

i figured my pics gave the idea well enough.
Pretty sweet...hahaaha I wouldn't have thought of doing that in 100000 years
Just get a real gun, or a serious air gun. Much more fun and satisying. I refer to going to the range as "stress therapy" Big Grin.
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:Just get a real gun, or a serious air gun. Much more fun and satisying. I refer to going to the range as "stress therapy" Big Grin.

Ya gotta have a FOID card for a real range. I go to the Midwest Sports on Plainfield road in Brookfield.
But cool Nerf mod! Pellet guns are fun too. I set up a target in my basement with a cardboart box and about 6 in of newspaper for a backdrop. That will stop a 22 cal pellet at 900 fps.
I've been to Midwest.
Nerf is also OK, I agree. The son has one that shoots something like 17 shots in about 2-3 seconds, gatling gun style, full auto. It's like a terminator mini-gun. What sucks is that it takes like 5 minutes to load it and pump it up. But still a great "ambush" gun when you surprise someone with it!!! Big Grin
I too shoot the BB and pellet guns indoors. Mostly in the basement or garage.

As for FOID cards, maybe Tank Johnson can lend us his? OH WAIT, he doesn't have one!!! :eek:
Tank!! LMAO!!
Maybe he would be interested in a used, modified Nurf gun!
You'll shoot your eye out...
DAVEC-NITRO-RS4 Wrote:I refer to going to the range as "stress therapy" Big Grin.
Maxx, do you only reply to gun threads anymore? where you been, bud?
LOL man i got a blow dart gun for christmas one year shot paint balls long darts and short darts we used to shoot them from across the streat into the garage in a box and well we used to shoot the paint balls at cars driving by Smile it was great until i got it takin away for burrying a dart in the side of my buddies leg lol
So dave, your wife let's you shoot bb guns in the house but won't let you out to race? Damn she really does just want you home!!!!
time for an indoor nitro track in the basement use the washing machine as a table top and so on, shed be cool with that right? Wink
Tex Wrote:So dave, your wife let's you shoot bb guns in the house but won't let you out to race? Damn she really does just want you home!!!!

I don't know if "she let's me" is an accurate way to describe the situation. After all, who's holding the rifle in this picture? That's right, me. And you think she's gonna argue with an insane lunatic who plays with toy cars in the laundry room? Hell NO she ain't, or less she's getting a blow dart in the leg. That's right.....

btw, a Mini T track in the basement was already attempted, and the little booger can't make the climb up onto the washer-dryer, and the jumps just kept flipping it over, and the B2 is too big to turn around in the room, so it's xmods indoors and the MiniT outdoors.

God, I hate winter.