Full Version: Tuff Game
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See if you can beat this. i cant get passed the second level.
I can't get past level 4.
Smile got it
beat the game Smile
beat it...
na na i did it first Smile
well well... good for you!
i keep running out of time on level 2
i suck at this game!
its just a sucky game but i just kept at it
I finished it. Fingers are sore now from it.

That last one,that other driver was a hack dude. Crashed me a few times. Must have been chad behind the controls.
Racin' Ranger1 Wrote:i keep running out of time on level 2

Same here. :mad:
Beat it, not that hard...
I guess Im not good at games anymore, whats the trick to finish?
I keep crashing, maybe Im just going to fast Big Grin
Don't get up on 2 wheels, or do it as little as possible.
i beat the hack!