Full Version: when i was 1/2 a man.... pics
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that cool you use adire Dan... good stuff!!!!!
What is opinion on that Brahma?? (Non-biased opinion. LoL)

Edit- we posted that at the same time. :-)
We should start a car audio thread in the off topic section....maybe get it sticky'd
I have lots of pics I could show of some systems I had and some of customers I installed for.Smile
do it!

Dan the B10 is one of the best..... that and i hate to admit it but the 12w7 is also one of my favs!
The thread is started. And the w7 is nice..... but isn't it a bit pricey compared to the brahma? I think you get a lot of sub for the money with the brahma. I think I need a better amp though.
And I transfered over to the new one. :-)
slim was slim? just not right man!
yea! wtf huh? ill get back to a decent weight... i have a mission now.
Skate Or Die!!!
here's some chit I used to do, this was done 4 days ago for my daughters friend's birthday present, I'm way rusty and it's alot harder on clothes like t-shirts....

damn tagging breakdancer, yep that's me.......I will bust an arm wave while throwing a tag on the wall beeshes.....wanna battle?
Vision street wear , wow that brings back some high school memories.
[Image: own3tq.png] reminded me of slim... lol
"if hooters goes door to door do they change their name to knockers??? "

that right there^^^ is some funny stuff....
For those who have met me, you prolly don't believe this but, when I was younger (much younger)...................

[Image: DSCN0230a.jpg]
Scary stuff there.
The Begees called, they want their hair back.
Let's see, that was 1977-78 so that would be about right around the BG's era. But I was more of a Led Zepplin guy back then.
mikeh Wrote:The Begees called, they want their hair back.

So do I.

not really
I was born in '77
U look like Ray Manazerek, key board player for the doors
who for the what?
Not the WHO the DOORS ...Big Grin
:confused: what door for who, huh?
Haha.... you crack me up man. I had to actually look at it for a second to see that it was you.
damn man, if he had curly hair he would look like napoleon dynamite
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