Full Version: What does everyone do for a living??
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One powerful aspect of this online community is the potential for networking each others resources.

It may be that you work for a company that makes and needs something that I make or need.

Wouldn't it be great if you could help or be helped in your job by someone from the RC community?

I, for example, work for FKI Logistex (formerly Alvey) a company that makes conveyor systems and palletizers for the general food and beverage manufacturing market. It might very well be that one of you works for Pepsi, Coke, Quaker Oats, General Mills, etc, and could use something FKI makes. I, a fellow RC'er, would be more than willing to see to it that your needs get attention and a good deal.

You (all of you) might be someone who works for or owns a company that installs equipment, or is an electrician. We might be able to use your services in doing a project in the ChiTown area.

So, I am asking... what do you do for a living? Maybe we need each other.
I work for family and in the office we fix windows and screens, which can be of good use if you get a little crazy and drive an r/c car though a window! We also do caulking on commerical buildings, this end of our business is not very helpful to the general public because we have to be union and the average homeowner doesn't want to pay the dues.
male jiggalo... I got the man-gina!!! Just kidding , I work for a millwork company . Doors and trim is my biz!
so for all of you wondering....yes....Rocco does have wood! Waahehe
I'm currently a college student and when I have jobs they are usually mall jobs. In a few weeks I'll be looking out for a job out in the Harper College area. Nothing too exciting here, eh?! :|

Davec- I was thinking about creating this thread possibly today, but I've been busy with errands so this is the only time I have till I hop on the road again. Cool haha
Im an amusement mgr for Jeepers. Its like a chucky cheese, but with carnival rides. I fix/maintain all the video games, rides and do all the building maint. I work at the location in Glendale Hts. If any one is intrested in comming out we have bumper cars, a mini hymalaya, monkey barrels (like tea cups), tubes and tunnels, bananna squad (like a jet-a-bout) plus about 90 games! I have red hair Its kinda hard to miss me! lol
well i work at a bowling ally, and do every thing there from mechanic (waching the pin machines, fixing any small or large problems), counter, and concorse (b*ch work), and also some times help in the proshop.
I'm an electronic technician. The company I work for repaires industrial equipment. I repair the electronic portion of it.
I am a national account manager for a data storage/management company
I'm Dodge dealer tech, Local 701 member. 8 years with Chrysler, 2 1/2 years Saturn experience and 3 years independant experience. Giving a total of 13 1/2 years wrenching experience. Yee-pee !!!!!!!
Snakebite, can you get me a deal on a new Viper? My son (16yo) wants one BAD. (jk)
A funeral Director/Embalmer
i am a union electrician. local 117 which is the mchenry county area.
well i am a retired mechanic also once in the 701 ,4yrs GM ,5 yrs ford,now i am a ppg auto color tech for the last 3yrs ,basicly i mix and color match all automotive paints,the same paints i use for my trcuck body's now
local 281 sprinkler fitter 7 years and counting. :p
Local 701 Trailer Mechanic... Subcontracted to the BNSF Railroad.
I'm a Field Service Technician / Service Manager for a diesel engine company. Spent 7 years with Detroit Diesel and the last 11 years with Deutz Diesel, a German made diesel. Most of my time is spent working with all the major airlines at O'Hare and Midway Airports. When their techs can't fix the engines they call me. If I can't fix it then it can't be fixed.
I'm a Sys Admin/Tech for a computer rental company near O'Hare. Been here 5 years, 2 1/2 years at another company that was in Lombard. We pretty much deal with large configurations and trade shows. Those big plasma screens you see at McCormick place, some of that's ours.
Im an auto parts counterman.....go figure by the screen name right. I have had experience as an auto tech as well. Ive also drag raced and street raced since i was 15 (the drag racing) I was on a team with 2 other guys who were my age and we built a stock suspension 85 camaro that went 8's. Our newest car is an 83 camaro with a 634 ci big block and it will go 7.50's. So anything to do woth 1:1 scale cars....i know it.....
My dad wasn't really kidding about the Viper! Talk him into buying me a car Smile And NOT an RC car, cuz I know that all I'm gonna get Sad
i am a freshman in highschool in the northshore whoop de do in 2 weeks ill be done with my freshman year and then ill be working in my dads office fileing(sp??) papers and doing busy work yi pe lol at the rate im going with breaking stuff on my xxx t i really need this job lol