Full Version: This is for you Mr Tune!
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Icing on the cake of the PS3!!!
Now that's funny! All those people waiting, and he comes out with one and takes a sledge hammer to it! I love it!
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA thats hilarious great way to piss away about 5 g's
Now thats funny, i'd pay a dollar to see that again!!Confusedmash: Confusedmash: Confusedmash:
:popcorn: :beer:
what an a$$hole... Ive seen that guy before... I think they smashed and ipod in the store or somthing everyone wanted last time
hahaha that guy is an ass hole.....what about the other people that would have actually played it, hes worse than the people selling them no ebay.
I think he just picked up an 8ight T!!
lol so he would build it then smash it ??? hahahaha
He does that with everything.
only 399,999 available now!
I'm fighting Sony buy not buying their evil game system!
What a Jagoff
I hope that guy gets hit by a car, and someone gets it on camera. Then they can make a website "". That guy is a dumbass, he does it with all the new stuff that comes out.Sad
Thats right, thats the point. He smashes every new thing that comes out. He can't smash out the herd mentality, though.

Think of art. Some people like it, some think its terrible, but it definately provokes a feeling and a response.