Full Version: Saddam sentenced to death by hanging
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Well within 30 days if the verdict is upheld, Saddam will be hung to death.
Finally. Where will he be hung?
t to the maxx2 Wrote:Finally. Where will he be hung?

the neck...... LOL just kidding....

I bet in Iraq......
Yea it will be Iraq. And I would expect some major shyt to go down between now and then. But maybe closer to then.
Pressing a button that drops a platform saying "good bye Saddam"
I wonder who gets to push the button? That guy better have some damn good security to protect his targetted ass.
i guess this will work better than what the Iraqies wanted to do, remeber lets put him in a tub and spit on him till he drowns ahahah
Hang bitch, hang.Good, got what he deserved.
i think they should do more than hang him.....
Put him on the platform, cut him apart appendage by appendage, then collect the blood, partially drown him in it, and then hang him with barbed wire?

Better? Lmao
30 days? Whats the rush? It takes, 28 years to complete a death sentance in the USA? Unless you're in Texas, of course.
mikeh Wrote:30 days? Whats the rush? It takes, 28 years to complete a death sentance in the USA? Unless you're in Texas, of course.
Go Texas Confusedalute:
I say hang him up. As he is dying, use him for target practice...
Isnt it that regions law to 'stone' people to death? If not,always a good time to try it.
^ ya the person is buried up to there neck and then stoned with rocks not big enough to kill them in one throw. we learned about it in ethics class Smile
hehehe sounds like fun, throw little pea-gravel at him for days!
i read somewhere that back in the day when dirt was born they used to punish poeple they thought were witches by having people one by one pile heavy stones on top of them till the weight was so heavy it evetually crushed them to death. Id say that would be one hell of a slow painful death.
Pile On!
I'm glad they finally decided to get rid of him. He does no good to anyone on this Earth. Waste of food as far as I am concerned. Even though right now he is probally getting treated better than some of us. Three free square meals a day, room and bored for free....
They should hang him from his peanuts. lol
hang him from his nuts and his pud from the stop of a tall building when his balls rip off and he falls burry him with them in his mouth
Damn Mike.....Graffic
I say feed him dry ice and water and see if he explodes