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well i am going to follow gabes advice ,since i can not make it out on saturday,why not do a sunday and help finish what saturdays group started with the berwyn clean/rebuild,i have been there many times over the yrs.,i have seen the one big jump grow from a 2-3ft bump to high and wide over the will get rebuilt be it by us or buy the bmx'ers

so i am trying to setup a sunday bash day,eithef before or after the saturday bash,this way we can get together and meet up ,i have not been there since last spring when i changed over to boats and back again,
same deal as saturdays,
bring eats,drinks,and grilling needs
heck i dont own a grill but if i can get this together i'll buy one for this,dont forget bring your r/c's and appetite,and good since of fun,

let me know on the dates

may 8,15,22,29

thanks joe
i work sunday and make time and a half so unfortunatly im out for sundays. Cant pass up that money. Hopefully there will be a big group when ya go out there.
so there is no one else that wants to hook up on a sunday?
Sundays are pretty tough for me. The 29th would be the best day for me from those listed.
i understand that most people do family things and some work,

but mr.tune thats a starting point the 29
If it is done early enough, I may be able to make it out for a bit before work. I start at 2:00 pm.
I can do Sundays...
I will try and make it. As of right now I have Sundays (everyday for that matter) off.

I will be out of town on May 15th and I can't do May 8th.....I'll try my best to make it if it's the other dates.
as of now unless a few others suggest a date it's

May 29

i am all for meeting everyone but everyone has a different schedule,

bill firesprinkler can i expect you there? it would be good to hang out again
ill try my best but ill probly only be able to make 1or2 days a mounth on weekends....thats the only thing that sucks about having a 95% weekend job. Sad
o.k. chris it is usually early what was it last yr 9am-9:30?

at least we can try to get head count,and this week end i am checking out the i55 jumps with fire,

i'll give you guys a update on those too,
hell yeah brother! is this going to be at berwyn or that other place?
you still have your boats?
that will be berwyn, i still have my boats,but there all messed up from laying around and recently had a rearranging of the home so i have to recheck the hulls for cracks and any major damages,

but anyone coming please post on what you can bring and how many guests you are bringing
like i said if there is enough i'll buy a grill and what ever is needed
So this is the list so far for May 29th

Towshen (maybe)

I'll bring a case of beer, what is everone else bringing? Also Lets plan to eat around 12pm because newguy has to leave by like 1pm. Just a thought. Also we have like a month and a half to keep planning!
I was typing my post when you replied
May 29 sounds good to me. Count me in.
i have a grill, but no way of getting it there.
well ya, I have a grill too.....full size house grill, and a jetta is not gunna cut it on transporting it there.

New guy has a portable grill I'm sure we could use
i dont think im going to be able to make it this month...i took off the 7 and the 10(TMA compitition, Techonal machining somthing)
Quote:New guy has a portable grill I'm sure we could use

Not a problem... I will probably be there for a little while that Sunday as well.
thats cool chris can iget an idea of what everyone is bringing?
i can bring in some burgers bratts and bogs besides some drinks

lets not forget to bring some lawn tools you may never know if we might have to use them,

I may be meeting my sister in Ann Arbor this weekend (May29th), I have to wait and see if I have enough time/money to get out there. Otherwise I'll be there and I'll just bring some beers or something.
I'll see if I can get there, but it would help if I knew where "there" was =P. Can somebody pull up a place on mapquest mabye?
We call "there", "Berwyn" but it's actually a Forest Preserve in Lions.

take Harlem to 40th, go west on 40th to the first Forest Preserve entrance on your left, take a left into the parking lot and go to the back of the parking lot, park by the cul-de-sac. We should be right there or in the woods where the dirt jumps are.

To get to the dirt jumps just walk directly through the middle a cul-de-sac (right by where you park) and there is a trail off to your right. Walk down that trail about 200ft or so and you'll see us.

Or just listen for the nitros Smile
Is there any kind of an address I can use as a reference for MapQuest?
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