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Here's the deal. Last year, we had a "Clean the jumps" bash at the Berwyn woods. Since the Jumps have been demolished, we should try to meet at the Berwyn woods, for a BBQ, and Bash. While there, we can go back to the "Jumps" (R.I.P.) and try to decide if we can make something usefull out of what is left. If you have Shovels, or Wagons, bring them along. If you have portable jumps, Bring those along. Also, feel free to bring food, snacks, Drinks, etc... The Saturday's in May are the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. Everyone add your comments on which day is best for you, and we will set the date.
Any of those saturdays will work for me. Count me in.
I like the 7th, gives us two weeks to prep the RC's for the Pro Series (If your going)
any chance of a sunday? i was there last yr. which was on a sunday
all good with me!
il do it the week after the pro series. Im not driving my truck at all untill a week before the pro series and only for practice at leisure.
it's fixable Mich, plus you can drive causiously....just a thought

GD, newguy doesn't have Sundays off from work and this is his idea
ya but then before i go i have to tear it apart and clean it all. I already did that this week for the dd race and il probly do it once more before the pro series. I even went as far as waxing my chassis, body, and rims. Gotta love turtle wax. And i cant drive causiously because once i get going its very hard to stop me unless i can find a wall. Just way to much fun and i get sucked in just from hearing an start everytime lol.
so "MR. Racer" can't come to the club BBQ's no more Rolleyes

It's fun racing and all but............. I can't help but remember and celebrate how this club got started. That's BBQing and bashing.

Don't get me wrong I think it's a thrill to race but I'll always love bashing too.
ya il come for food and thats about it. Im so focused on making a better racer and practicing a ton more that i dont feel like wasting my time playing in the street. Dont get me wrong i mean that in a good way but i just wanna race. Bashing just seems like something thats for like monster jams now. I dont know why because ive always loved to just go out bbq and bash but now its like no matter how much i want to i just wanna make my truck faster on the track. Just doesnt seem worth it for all this money into the truck to just bash it. But ya i will come out once or twice and bbq bash.
Mich, Sounds like it is time for a new truck.... That way you can have one set up for racing, and one just for bashing. It is a lot different "playing in the street" than when a bunch of us get together to Bash. The street can get boring real fast, but at least when we get together as a group, we have fun. Whether it is Drag racing, Jumping contests,,, etc.

Never mind, I know what it is...... You are worried I'll try to take your truck out again. Not to worry, I won't try to wreck you (Unless there is a race coming up Smile ) J/K
I would love to come out... Sundays are best for me though... Whatever you guys setup if it's on a Saturday I'll try to take off from work...
Hey guys,

We're new to the whole truck scene this Spring,and don't know any of y'all having never made it to LH or anything yet (but plan to), but I'm just gonna ask this....
If Berwyn got plowed over, and you rebuild it, will it get plowed again?
Just asking....
Is there any other off-road sites that might not "draw fire" from those who don't find RC'ing objectionable? Maybe private land, or further from the Forest Preserve areas?
There may be a "Sunday Bash" in the making. Keep an eye out for that thread.

Mich, bring food if all your doing is coming to eat. I was hoping nobody in our club would turn into the "race only" type, I guess I was wrong to think that. I feel like our club is "taking sides" now. This is bogus. BBQ's at Berwyn start at 11am-12pm. Racing at Leisure starts at 5pm, I don't see why you can do both if your careful with your RC at Berwyn. If you can't be careful then that's another issue you may want to work on. Your so worried about "being faster" on the track yet you can't "be careful" at Berwyn? I don't even think you remember where this club started do you? In the streets, not at the track.

Like I've stated before, I love racing too, but I'm not going to forget where I came from.
im still gonna bash some but nothing like i did last year. Around pro series time im gonna drive barely any. After i get back from the pro series im gonna bash the hell out of my truck.
Wow Sounds a little harsh. By no means am I trying to start anything. I think BAshing is how we all get started. I did with my Savage, then we got into racing and the fun and competition and the task of trying to get your vehicle faster got the better of me. My Savage sat all last summer on my shelf, because I raced every chance I got. So I eventually sold it.

I think it is evolving in the hobby not forgeting where you came from. I can understand not wanting to bash a vehicle before a BIG race where there will be sposored drivers and all. You may not break anything but you can flex some plastic so it gets some play in it. Most of our race vehicles are set for just that. Racing, They may be builtproof on the track but bashing is another animal, Softer shocks, different tires, etc, etc.

It would be nice to have a bash and race vehicle, but thats not a luxury we all can have. I don't think Mich is saying hes better or forgot where he came from I just think he wants to get his set up set for the pro series. He could of easily have said he couldn't make it due to family matters or soemthing, but he still wants to be there and hang with you guys.

Don't mean to offend anyone, just an outsider sharing my 2cents
Respected words. I know the Dirt Dawgs club is mainly a "racer" club. I have NOTHING against racing, I love it.

Our club was based upon more of the begining side of the hobby though. That includes bringing new guys in (who are intimidated to race) and helping with any questions they have. More of a relaxed environment that didn't include organized competition. Sure we drag race each other down Berwyn parking lot but it was a "goofing around" race all the time.

Mich's whole attitude when he first replied was what got me. Last year he was all about the Berwyn bashes and he loved it. Now it's "oh, I can't make it, I only race" or whatever.

If I didn't like him I would be glad he said he's not coming. I like the kid though and want to see him there. Wink
Thats cool Gabe, just by reading it it sounds Harsh. But I know you guys are all tight, I have enjoyed getting to know you guys this winter, and I hope that mutual. Hopefully we can organize something this summer at one of our tracks or at LH's new place.

I don't think he meant he only races, I think he meant he was getting ready fo rthe race. Once again I am not him and dont speak for him, thats just what I got out of his post.

If I had a vehicle I could bash with I would definitely join yous, but none of my vehicles would survive a bash session they are just not set up for that. Many times I wish I still had my Savage, but then I just look at my 777 all optioned out and glad I sold the Savage so I could get the 777.

The inportant thing is everyone should have fun, and you guys do a great thing by welcoming everyone into your group, and have always been helpful to newbies from what I have seen or read.
It was awesome getting to know yall this past winter also. Yous guys are a good club.

What's up with the Elburn Days fair? We are still doing that? Also I'm sure most of us would love to do some racing with your club this summer on any of your outdoor tracks.

You name the race and place and I bet 5-10 of us would show.
Still working the details, alot of it depends on if we buy a transponder system. But at our CLub meeting there was talk once we get our BIG track built, we want to do a fun BBQ day with the two clubs. Just have to work out the details. We race every other Sunday so it would have to be on one of our off Sundays or a Saturday.

Any of you are welcome to come to any of our races. Unfortunately since we are a club on a points system non members can only come out and race once a year with us unless they join. This does not include if we do special events like stated up, only for our race season. Sure would like to see some of you come out though.
dd you hit it on the head with your reply. Gabe sorry if i came off strong and was leaning away from everybody cuz i wasnt. I worked all winter to find a sweet spot for my truck for leisure and i dont want to ruin that just by beating it for a day of bashing. Yes i still want to come out and bash cuz there isnt that much more thats as fun as hanging out with everyone. Its just with the amount of time i spent getting my truck exactly how i want it is what i dont want to ruin by bashing. Sorry if i came off strong about that gabe, I still like ya and everybody else. And im not "MR. Racer", I havent even won yet but ive gotten close.
So no Dirt Dawgs are coming?



This BBQ is for anyone to join in on the fun.
I'd love too but the month of may is completley booked on the weekends for me between my girlfriends graduation from college, a wedding (not mine!) , the start of the dirt dawgs Race season and The r/c pro series race and a bunch of training i need to complete at the fire house allllll my time is pretty much taken up bud. Thanks for the invite though!
MAy 7th is our first race fo fthe season, due to Mothers Day on Sunday, we moved the race to Saturday.
Oh ok, that's cool.
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